Year: 2013

Filco Italian Red Majestouch-2 with Red switches now available

To celebrate our 2nd release of Cherry Red switch Filco keyboards after the initial launch back in March 2011, we’ll be stocking a limited edition Red on Red model. These new keyboards feature a beautiful Italian red chassis to match

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New Matias keyboards announced at CES, coming soon to Keyboard Co!

Like many other industries, the humble keyboard trade was caught up in the whirlwind of product announcements produced by the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month. Keyboard Company partners Matias were at the show in force, where

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Filco MiniLa First Impressions

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been spending some time with Diatec’s latest Filco Majestouch keyboard: The MiniLa, which stands for Minimum Layout.

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Max Keyboard Blackbird TKL

Today, we’re going to have a look at the latest Max Keyboard, the Blackbird TKL, with brown switches, blue backlights and a UK layout. The Blackbird has a feature list as long as your arm – media controls, individual key

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Epic Bluetooth Projection Keyboard Review

Keyboards are very tangible creatures, from the click and clack of mechanicals to the spongy feel of rubber domes. You can see the keyboard on your desk, just sitting there Рand you know that you can create something with it, whether

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Seal Shield Keyboard, Mouse & iPad Keyboard Cover

While KeyboardCo is perhaps most well known nowadays for its Filco and Topre mechanical keyboards, our product range is much wider than that, including lines of speciality keyboards and mice for industrial use. Case in point is our range of

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Matias Quiet Pro now shipping in UK, German and Nordic

The Matias Quiet Pro for PC is now shipping from The Keyboard Company in three new layouts: UK, German and Nordic. Check out the product pages below for prices or to place an order:

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The latest from Filco: The Wood Palm Rest

This weekend I’ve been testing out the latest thing from Filco… nope, not the 60% size MiniLa or the golden KOBO covers – instead, it’s something rather different. Allow me to introduce the Filco Wood Palm Rest.

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Our Filco giveaway winner's thoughts on his new keyboard

Late last year we gave away a Filco Majestouch-2 to one of our Twitter and Facebook followers, Jamie Garside. Today, we’re happy to bring you his brief review of the Filco Majestouch-2 with Brown switches.

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The Golden Filco: a hands-on look at Majestouch KOBO covers

Today I’ll be having a look at one of the most unique keyboard customisation options available: KOBO keyboard covers. These covers replace the standard black cowling on a Filco Majestouch keyboard with a more colourful alternative, giving your keyboard a

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