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At The Keyboard Company we have always been keen to build our offering to accommodate the weird and the wonderful of the keyboard world. We are the original dedicated Keyboard Company in the UK and we succeed when we can answer the questions and meet the needs of our customers and our customer’s customers..

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An ever present issue in my years working with keyboards has been the availability of anything other than a standard layout. Recent years have seen a phenomenal increase in the shapes and sizes of keyboards available but if you want one other than in a UK layout, it is still a struggle. USA and EU language layouts are more readily available but still limited if you are in the UK and we have always taken care to cater for this as best we can. But there have always been certain ‘unusual’ layouts that simply were not manufactured by the industry. The numbers were not there.

Ukraine layout Language layout

Ukraine Language Layout Keyboard


In order to address this we have now built our own keyboard print facility.
Starting with a good quality base keyboard, with blank keys, we can add anything to the keytops. In small batches or large. If it is a completely new layout we can assist with the artwork and add to the keytops to create any language layout or custom design that’s required. It has taken time and effort but we are now able to offer this extra service and use it ourselves to stock an even greater range of layout choices.

So if you need something a little out of the ordinary, or your customer is in a far flung part of the globe, we can make sure you get the exact right layout for the locality, nice and easy and fast. And full custom layouts are now readily arranged.
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