Our Filco giveaway winner's thoughts on his new keyboard

Late last year we gave away a Filco Majestouch-2 to one of our Twitter and Facebook followers, Jamie Garside. Today, we’re happy to bring you his brief review of the Filco Majestouch-2 with Brown switches.

I have a Razer Blackwidow (blue switches), so I’d draw comparisons to that. I use the Blackwidow at home (too loud for the office) and the Filco at work, where I used to just have my laptop plugged in to a monitor and use the keyboard on that.

It’s a great keyboard. It’s built like a tank and feels strong and stable when typing normally, and all around feels very well built and comfortable to use. It’s much quieter than the Blackwidow, simply because of the lack of clicky-ness in the keys. That said, it’s still reasonably loud if you end up bottoming out the keys, much more so my laptop keyboard or normal nasty £10 office keyboards, but still usable in an office without a problem.

It feels like it’s all built out of decent plastic too. The keys don’t flex or move in the slightest and your fingers tend to stick to the keys and not slide around etc (which is a bit of a strange feeling at first when you’re used to other keyboards). When typing, you can normally feel the actuation point quite well too, which I personally prefer to linear switches such as the reds and blacks. There’s not as much feedback as on the blue switches, of course, but still very much ample for typing.

In all, it’s great for typing in the office. It’s nice, reasonably quiet and very, very well built. I’d definitely get another if I needed to and recommend them to friends.

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One comment on “Our Filco giveaway winner's thoughts on his new keyboard
  1. MJ2 w/ Browns was my favorite switch for years. Agree with everything said 🙂