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Topre Type Heaven now available in pink, red, white and black

This week I’ve been using the Topre Type Heaven as my primary keyboard. We reviewed it upon its initial release in 2013, but now there’s been an update: new colours! As of now, you can choose the Type Heaven in

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Filco Italian Red Majestouch-2 with Red switches now available

To celebrate our 2nd release of Cherry Red switch Filco keyboards after the initial launch back in March 2011, we’ll be stocking a limited edition Red on Red model. These new keyboards feature a beautiful Italian red chassis to match

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Truly Ergonomic (TECK) mechanical keyboard now available with Red switches

We’re happy to announce that our mechanical ergonomic keyboard, the Truly Ergonomic 209, is now available with Cherry MX Red switches. That means you’ll get an even softer typing experience, with light 45 cN linear switches that ensure minimum hand fatigue.

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