The latest from Filco: The Wood Palm Rest

This weekend I’ve been testing out the latest thing from Filco… nope, not the 60% size MiniLa or the golden KOBO covers – instead, it’s something rather different. Allow me to introduce the Filco Wood Palm Rest.

I don’t typically use a palm rest, so using it this weekend has been quite an interesting experience for me. Most obviously, it changes how you hold your hands when typing, levelling them out. This makes typing or gaming a lot more comfortable, particularly over long periods.

The wood is perfectly smooth to the touch, and feels much more comfortable to rest my hands upon than I expected. The wood is unadorned, save for a small ‘Filco – Genuine Wood – Made in Japan’ notice in the upper right.

The wood fits perfectly up against a Filco mechanical keyboard, but should work equally well with other makes and models. There’s a gentle curve in the wood which really makes it easy to find the right typing position.

If you’re interested in picking up one of these wooden palm rests, then check out the product pages on the official Keyboard Company website. There are three different sizes available, fitting the standard, tenkeyless and Minila models:

If you’ve got any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below! Thanks for reading and have a good ‘un!

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3 comments on “The latest from Filco: The Wood Palm Rest
  1. Arnau says:

    Could you post some more pictures? Would be nice to have a better image about how tall it is, the size compared with the keyboard, …