CHERRY MX2A New version MX switches.

Having sold mechanical keyboards since forever. Literally, I started at The Keyboard Company in 1999 and we had mechanical models from CHERRY and Fujitsu and Chicony in stock. Year 2010 was when we started to notice the interest in higher quality switched keyboards really picking up. And since then it has grown significantly such that we now have numerous makes that we keep in stock. Filco, Matias, Varmilo, DAS Keyboard and Keychron are all making fantastic products that are a joy to type on. They all look great and come in all shapes and sizes.

Now we are finding more and more customers are looking to customise their keyboards. And to the extent that many are building their own, from scratch.

CHERRY switches are the most widely used, and now we see many clone switches made to similar design. The feel and feedback are adding pleasure to the typing experience. With the release from CHERRY of a new range of higher quality switches with improved standards we have taken some stock so that we can offer the switches, alongside the keyboards. A small step to add to the all around service we like to offer the keyboard connoisseur.

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