Introducing R-Go Tools.

I am pleased to announce we have partnered with R-Go Tools (Pronounced Ergo Tools) to enhance the range of Ergonomic Keyboards, Mice and Accessories we have to offer our customers. Based in Leerdam in The Netherlands, R-Go tools are a vibrant young firm with innovative products all very well designed for your optimum workplace set up and all at reasonable prices. We will now also be able to offer monitor stands, laptop risers, document holders and some very fashionable laptop carry cases.

A particular attraction for me is the R-Go Break Software. We can fill our boots with as much nice ergonomic hardware as we like, but if our working ways are not suitable we waste that money. Protecting ourselves from workplace related upper limb disorders is more complex than just buying a new mouse or a new keyboard. It is crucial that we are taking breaks and having time out to re-focus our minds and bodies ready to continue working. As a manager it is important to help and encourage staff to do so, and a tool like this ensures everyone knows to follow best practise when working. With Keyboards and Mice that flash when it is time to have a break, this really is a superb idea. Even telling us when to adjust a sit-stand desk for optimum benefit!

Watch out also for the limited edition Twister Mouse coming soon. It has just passed all targets on kickstarter.

And if you want the best laptop bag, the Viva is made from beautiful weathered leather and incorporates a laptop stand for super easy ergonomics on the go.

We now have the full range of product in store and listed to sell here on our website. If you are a reseller we will be happy to quote trade and backed up with our second to none service, this is a great opportunity. I leave you with a word from R-Go themselves:

R-Go Tools was founded in 2010 from ergonomic consultancy R-Go Solutions. Our mission is to make healthy working possible for everyone. To do this, we develop trendy ergonomic products suitable for everyone, while keeping an eye on affordability and sustainability. Our products are patented and approved by ergonomists.

Because we care.

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