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Max Keyboard Falcon-8: build your own 8% keyboard for macros, media control & more

It’s long been my dream to make my own keyboard. Almost every day it seems that there’s someone new on Twitter or Reddit that’s produced a gorgeous custom keyboard, and I can only marvel at the self-made layouts, beautiful engineering

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Introducing the Max Keyboard switch tester and keycaps

A while back we brought you a review of the Blackbird TKL, a great new keyboard from Max Keyboard. The keyboard itself is in stock now, as are some brilliant replacement keycap sets that’ll work on the Blackbird or any

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Max Keyboard Blackbird TKL

Today, we’re going to have a look at the latest Max Keyboard, the Blackbird TKL, with brown switches, blue backlights and a UK layout. The Blackbird has a feature list as long as your arm – media controls, individual key

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