Back to school: five keyboards to consider

School is starting up again soon, and whether you’re heading off to primary school or university you deserve to have a top quality keyboard to make your job easier — and a little more fun! Here are five of our favourites.

5. The keyboard Apple should have made…

We’ll start with what 9to5Mac said is the keyboard Apple should have made… but didn’t. It’s the Matias Bluetooth Aluminium Keyboard, a full-size counterpart to Apple’s famous Magic Keyboard. This keyboard gives you a number pad, making it a perfect choice for anyone that is working with numbers, whether that’s doing data entry, working in science or engineering, or taking care of your finances. The keyboard is Bluetooth, so it works with basically every Apple device on the planet: iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and desktop Macs of all kinds. You can pair with up to four devices simultaneously, so you only have to go through the pairing process once per device. It includes function keys, it has a full year of battery life and it’s available in four gorgeous colours: silver, gold, space grey and rose gold. Awesome!

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4. The super-portable mechanical


Next up we have one of the smallest mechanical keyboards on the market: the Filco MiniLa. Standing for ‘minimum layout’, this 60% size keyboard fits easily into your bag to accompany laptops, tablets and phones — but of course, it will work on desktop PCs too! The mechanical switches provide a sumptuous typing or gaming experience, while the clever layout allows easy access to a number pad, arrow keys, media controls and more. You can get the MiniLa in both wired and Bluetooth variants, so choose the one that’s right for you!

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3. An ergonomic mech for sore wrists


I called the Matias Ergo Pro my favourite ergonomic keyboard when I first had the chance to review it back in 2015, and I haven’t changed my mind since then. This ergonomic keyboard is a welcome relief to aching muscles, tendons and joints, providing a comfortable split design that is often far less painful than a traditional keyboard. The two halves are fully adjustable too, with a range of angles and orientations possible so you can find the most comfortable and convenient position for you. Best of all, unlike most ergonomic keyboards, this one comes with Matias Quiet Click mechanical switches. These provide great tactile feedback without the clattering noise of most other mechanical keyboards, making this a perfect choice even for a busy office. The Ergo Pro is also available in both Mac and PC layouts. If you need to type for work or school but you’re struggling with carpal tunnel or other symptoms, the Ergo Pro is well worth a try.

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2. The ultimate luxury keyboard for writers


Topre’s Realforce line of keyboards are beloved by keyboard fans for their gentle, almost pillow-y feel. That’s down to their unique electro-capacitive switch design, which provides tactile feedback like a Cherry MX switch but with a soft and smooth feel. Realforce keyboards aren’t cheap, but they’re often the ultimate destination for mechanical keyboard fans who have tried it all. Whether you want a full-size keyboard or a more compact Tenkeyless layout, you’re sure to find a Topre keyboard that suits you.

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1. The gold standard in mechanical keyboards


When it comes to mechanical keyboards, the Filco Majestouch has been the gold standard for a long time. Filco was one of the first companies to produce long-lasting mechanical keyboards that focused on the typing experience, rather than superfluous keys or fancy lighting. You just get a rock-solid keyboard that feels great to use, and is easy to customise with keycaps, o-rings and other modifications. There are plenty of different Filco Majestouch keyboards available, with a range of Cherry MX switches, layouts, colours and sizes, so check out the full collection below.

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Wrapping up

We hope our selections have been helpful! If you’d like a custom recommendation to meet your needs and specifications, then please leave a comment below or contact us directly via Facebook, Twitter, email or phone. We’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch!

Thanks for checking out the article, and stay tuned for more mechanical keyboard goodness over the coming weeks, months and years!

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