Matias Tactile Pro for PC: available now in UK, US, German and Nordic layouts


We’ve recently received stock of a great Matias keyboard, the Tactile Pro for PC. Unlike many of the latest Matias keyboards, the Tactile Pro doesn’t use Quiet Click switches. Instead, it uses original Matias Click switches – a “full fat” option that provide noticeably more tactile and audio feedback.

Our fearless leader Bruce recently told me that the Tactile Pro is one of the closest keyboards to the original IBM Model M. Typing on it now, I can see what he meant.

While the Alps switches here work differently than a buckling spring, the overall effect is very similar – you get loud, crunchy key presses with a heaped helping of tactile feedback. It surpasses even the effect of a Cherry MX Blue keyboard, which is usually known as “the loud mechanical keyboard” these days.

The Tactile Pro includes quite a few nice bonus features too. You’ll find 10KRO on this most recent version, meaning that ten keys can be pressed and correctly registered simultaneously. Lesser keyboards often neglect this feature, which can mean your inputs aren’t registered, which is annoying whether you’re typing or playing games.


Another useful feature are its USB 2.0 ports – you’ll find three ports in all, one each on the left, right and back sides. This makes it easy to connect mice, gamepads, smartphones, cameras and even other keyboards.

The redesigned numpad is another bonus, which trades the number lock for a much more useful tab key. This is incredibly useful for data entry, and number lock key is still easily accessible just one key above. You’ll also find volume controls here, allowing you to raise, lower or mute the volume with a single key press. There are also media controls (play/pause, forward, back) accessible via an Fn layer.

The Tactile Pro looks good too. Its piano black colour scheme looks slick and professional, with easily legible legends and indicator LEDs tucked into their respective keycaps. The keycaps used here are ABS with laser-formed legends. The layout is fully PC-compatible; of course a Mac version also exists in white (see links below).

Writing a few rapid sentences on the Tactile Pro made me grin unabashedly – this was fun. I use a lot of different keyboards for reviews and other work, but the Tactile Pro won’t be leaving my desk after I finish this article.

Try the Tactile Pro and you’ll see what I mean. We have keyboards available in UK, German and Nordic (Swedish / Finnish / Norwegian / Danish) layouts:

You can also pick up the Mac version in white:

Thanks for checking out the article, and be sure to let us know what you think of the Tactile Pro!

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