Black Friday Deals 2015

Black Friday is kicking off soon, on the 27th of November. We’ll be offering a range of Black Friday deals to celebrate the start of the Christmas shopping season, including 25% off on some of our favourite keyboards, mice and accessories.

keyboard-layoutWe’ll reveal one new deal per day in the run-up to Black Friday, and on the 27th all the deals will begin! Of course, these deals are only good while stocks last, so be sure to get your order in as soon as we flip that switch!

Deal #1: 25% off the Matias Tactile Pro for PC in UK, German and Nordic layouts! This keyboard’s loud tactile sound evokes the old Model M, with proper crunchy feedback that makes you feel alive. You can read more about the Tactile Pro in our hands-on review here.


Deal #2: 25% off the Trackbar Emotion. This ergonomic mouse replacement sits just below your keyboard, allowing you to adopt a more natural posture and helping to prevent the onset of RSI and related disorders.


Deal #3: 25% off two SealShield peripherals: the SealShield 208 Washable Keyboard and the Washable Storm Mouse. Both are great for use in environments where cleanliness is key, or just in places where you’re likely to get your keyboard and mouse dirty on the regular.


Deal #4: 25% off two ShortBoard keyboards: the Shortboard Universal and the Shortboard Plus Universal. If you’re looking for something with the small size of a TKL or 60% size keyboard, but you don’t want to spend extra on mechanical switches, this is a great choice. The Universal is in white, the Plus Universal is in black.


Deal #5: 25% off  the Max Keyboard BlackBird and all keycap sets and samplers. The keyboard comes with a UK TKL layout with Cherry MX Brown switches and cool blue backlighting! This is my all-time favourite keyboard (and the one I’m using for these very words); check out my early review here.

Also included are a range of Max Keyboard keycaps, keysets and samplers:

universal_cherry_mx_clear_black_keycap_set_largeKeycap sets with legends

cherry_mx_switch_pro_sampler_largeBlank, translucent black keycap sets

Cherry MX switch samplers

Deal #6: 25% off the Filco MiniLa 60% size mechanical keyboard! This is a UK (ISO) model with Black switches, and it’s the wired model (not the Bluetooth Air). This is one of our most-requested items for a Black Friday deal, so I hope you like it! You can read more about the MiniLa in our review here.


Stay tuned for all of our Black Friday deals on mechanical keyboards, ergonomic mice and much more. We’ll update on Twitter and Facebook as each deal is posted, so follow us for the latest news!

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  • Siyfion

    Nice deals guys! Especially tempted by the BlackBird…

    • Awesome! It’s seriously my favourite keyboard, couldn’t be happier with it. I use a lot of keyboards in my line of work (as you can imagine), so I’m quite surprised I’ve stuck with it this long to be honest 🙂

      • Siyfion

        Got to decide between it or the CM Novatouch; tricky… very tricky!

        • Ah, indeed! Personally I think the Novatouch makes a lot of sense if you want Topre and you’ll definitely replace the keycaps; otherwise a standard Topre is a better proposition. Still, all are great keyboards 🙂

          • Siyfion

            I think the Topre + keycap customization is a bit of a killer combo for me, but I just wish it was a Realforce official (with the “solid” feel that brings) rather than an outside firm making it.

          • Yeah, I can certainly understand that. Still, better that it’s an option even if it’s not direct from Topre themselves!

          • Siyfion

            On a very, very random side-note, do you guys have any physical “shop” where you can try out the different boards, or is it all online only? Just I noticed that you’re up Stroud way and I’m Cardiff/Bristol, so not far!

          • I’m in Bristol myself (but I don’t have a full range ;-)). We don’t have a physical shop, but if you email the boys at the office expressing an interest in visiting and trying out some keyboards, they might be able to arrange something for you. I don’t know their schedule and how busy they are, but it’s worth asking I think!

          • Siyfion

            Ha, awesome, I may well give that a go sometime. Thanks for the help William 😉

          • No worries, thanks for the interest!