Month: December 2014

Matias Ergo Pro keyboard announced

The Ergo Pro is a new ergonomic keyboard from Matias. It uses Matias quiet click switches, granting you tactile but quiet feedback that lets you type comfortably and accurately. A split design with integrated (yet removeable) palm rests allows for

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Contest: Pimp Your Filco!

    The Pimp Your Filco Contest has now concluded. Please stay tuned for the announcement of the winner! Filco mechanical keyboards are well loved across the world, and not least for their customisability. Their standard layout and popularity allows

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Announcing the winners of our Pimp Your Filco Contest

After 43 awesome entries, we’re happy to announce the winners of our Pimp Your Filco Contest. Our first place winner is Jocke, who contributed his custom Filco MiniLa. The Swedish board has MX Brown switches, with custom keycaps from WASD.

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Tribute to a pioneer

Ladies and Gentlemen. This week we learned of the death of Stephen Hobday, at the age of 98. Stephen founded PCD Maltron Keyboards Ltd and designed the Maltron keyboard – much imitated but never bettered. He will be remembered as

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1K Facebook Fans Goodybag Giveaway

To celebrate 1000 fans on Facebook we’re doing a giveaway! We’ll be giving away goodybags filled with keyboard accessories to five lucky winners – including keycaps, o-rings, key pullers and KeyboardCo swag. To enter, use the KeyboardCo 1K Giveaway form

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Unicomp Endurapro buckling spring keyboard review

The IBM Model M is one of the most iconic keyboards of the 20th century, with its crunchy buckling spring switches providing generous amounts of tactile and aural feedback. The keyboard remains well loved by some enthusiasts, but it’s not exactly

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Introducing the Max Keyboard switch tester and keycaps

A while back we brought you a review of the Blackbird TKL, a great new keyboard from Max Keyboard. The keyboard itself is in stock now, as are some brilliant replacement keycap sets that’ll work on the Blackbird or any

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Filco Convertible 2 USB / Bluetooth keyboard announced

The Filco Convertible 2 is now in stock right here! Now available in UK, German and Swedish. A few years back, Diatec introduced a little-known keyboard called the Filco Majestouch Convertible for the Japanese market. The keyboard’s big feature was its ability

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