Matias Ergo Pro keyboard announced

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The Ergo Pro is a new ergonomic keyboard from Matias. It uses Matias quiet click switches, granting you tactile but quiet feedback that lets you type comfortably and accurately. A split design with integrated (yet removeable) palm rests allows for a more ergonomic hand position, alleviating the onset of RSI and promoting comfort.


The Ergo Pro uses a cool new layout which attempts to stay close to standard layouts without making the keyboard too wide. The result is a layout with navigation keys and cursor keys on the same row as the space bar, with the less-used insert and delete keys in the upper right. Combined with dedicated undo, cut, copy and paste keys on the left-hand side, you get a compact layout that’s easy to learn and feels natural.


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Another nice feature on the Ergo Pro is its leg supports. These allow 9° tenting and 4.5° negative tilt; of course you can use the keyboard flat too.

The Ergo Pro was recently shown at an ergonomics trade show in the USA, where it was nominated for ‘best new ergonomic product’. The keyboard will be produced in 2015, with more details to come in January.

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3 comments on “Matias Ergo Pro keyboard announced
  1. Hornblend says:

    Holy cow, that sounds so awesome !

  2. Are y’all planning on doing an actual review with real-life usage now that it’s shipped?