Edgar Matias AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Thursday 1PM EST

Edgar Matias, the co-founder of Matias and the designer of Matias keyboards and the Quiet Click switch, will be holding an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit’s /r/mechanicalkeyboards on Thursday at 1PM EST (that’s 6PM GMT).

This is your chance to ask a pioneer of the mechanical keyboard industry anything you like – whether it’s plans for future keyboards, thoughts on his competitors, insights into his past designs, reflections on Matias’ history, or just whether he would rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck.

To take part, you’ll need to turn up to the Mechanical Keyboards subreddit on Thursday at 1PM EST and have a Reddit account (which is free, of course). If you’re unable to make it to the AMA, you can ask your questions below and I’ll send them in myself (time and space permitting).

We’ll likely post a selection of the questions here on our blog after the event, so that you’ll be able to read them at your leisure.

I look forward to reading your questions and Edgar’s responses! See you on Reddit on Thursday!

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