LSUCS Charity LAN raises £3550 for two charities

IMG_1675A little while ago we mentioned on Twitter that we were sponsoring the LSUCS Charity LAN, to be held around Valentine’s Day, and today we’d like to tell you a little more about how everything went down!

LAN attendees, their families and friends and charitable strangers online worked together to raise an incredible amount of money for deserving disability charities. £2500 was raised for SpecialEffect, a charity for gamers with disabilities, and £850 was raised in support of Action For Kids, which helps children and young people with physical and learning disabilities. So the Charity LAN was a big success, with all of the various fundraising efforts producing £3350 in donations to the two gaming charities.

The biggest single fundraising activity came as a LSUCS member raised £850 by himself by having his head shaved (having started with hair past his shoulders).

The Keyboard Company took part by donating a Filco Majestouch-2 keyboard, three Silver Storm antimicrobial mice, 5 Flex keyboards, 100 of our famous beer mats and a Raspberry Pi computer. The Pi was used to run a typing challenge, with the highest score winning the keyboard at the end of it. The winner was Dan Cohen, the technical officer of the LSUCS committee! With each attempt costing a small fee, around £100 was raised for charity.

Thanks to the LSUCS committee for running the Charity LAN, the attendees and of course the hundreds of members and non-members that made donations to the cause over the three day event.

We like to work with students and gamers so get in touch via the main website if you are planning something we might be able to help with.

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