New Matias RGB aluminum wired keyboards coming soon!

RGB backlighting is one of the biggest trends in the PC gaming space, where it can be found on peripherals like keyboards, mice and headsets. Instead of being forced to choose between just a few colour options when you buy a product, with RGB backlighting you’re able to choose any colour and change it whenever you like. You can sync up your different peripherals, light up in the colours of your favourite team, or just watch a rainbow of colours pulse and dance.

Matias produce a range of modern keyboards, often inspired by classic Mac hardware, but they’re not averse to meeting customer demands for the latest trends either! With that in mind, allow us to introduce the Matias RGB Backlit Wired Aluminum Keyboard for Mac and PC!


First, let’s cover the features you’ll find on this new iteration of Matias’ classic aluminum keyboard.

  • Generous 2mm of key travel for tactile and responsive typing
  • Spectrum Colour Dial lets you choose any colour in the rainbow
  • Limit sleep-damaging blue light exposure with warm white (good), yellow (better) or red (best)
  • Easy brightness controls in 10% increments from 0 to 100%
  • Mouse-friendly USB 2.0 port built in
  • Mac-friendly function keys, volume keys and music controls


The RGB Backlit Aluminum Keyboard (hereafter: the Matias RGB) is a full-size keyboard, meaning it includes a numberpad and every other key you’d expect to find on a standard keyboard. It also has additional keys, including Mac and PC function keys on their respective models, including volume and media playback controls.

The Matias RBG measures 441 x 116 x 19mm in all, making it reasonably wide but not tall or thick; perfect. The weight of the keyboard is substantial without being excessive, at 606 grams.

In order to change the colours available, you use a dial placed on the rear of the keyboard, in line with the arrow keys. From here, you can spin the dial to change your backlighting colour quickly and easily. Going all the way to the left is white, all the way to the right is also white, and you have all the colours of the rainbow in between.

You can also press the dial back to access the special Low Blue Light modes, which give you a choice of warm white, yellow and red. As the level of blue light in the backlight is reduced and red is increased, your natural sleep cycle will become less and less affected by the light produced by the keyboard.

Of course, we recommend that you use the blue light reduction features built into the latest versions of macOS and Windows 10 to further reduce your Blue Light exposure from your monitor for best results.

If you don’t have access to these features or you want more fine-grained control over their effects, we recommend the excellent free app f.lux as a fine alternative.

The Matias RGB connects to your computer using a 1.5 metre USB cable. It also comes with a handy USB 2.0 port on one side, allowing you to connect a peripheral like a mouse, wireless receiver or USB storage drive.

Wrapping up

The RGB Backlit Wired Aluminum Keyboard from Matias will be available later this year, with precise release dates and prices still to be announced. The keyboard will be available in two variants: Space Gray for Mac and Black for PC.

The model numbers are listed as shown; links and prices will be added once the keyboards are available at KeyboardCo!

Matias RGB Backlit Wired Aluminum Keyboard for Mac

  • Space Gray (FK318LB-UK)

Matias RGB Backlit Wired Aluminum for PC

  • Black (FK318PCLBB-UK)

Thanks for checking out the article, and be sure to let us know what you think of the new Matias RGB keyboards in the comments below! We welcome your feedback, as always. Until next time, farewell!

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