Limited Edition Pink Filco Mechanical Keyboard available now!



These are the genuine reactions to one of our latest arrivals, the Pink Filco Majestouch-2 Tenkeyless mechanical keyboard. As you’d guess from the name, this compact mech comes with pink keycaps, a pink cable and a pink case for a full-on pink look. This stylish keyboard is perfect for all princesses at heart, or just fans of this particular shade of lightish red.

Inside, you’ll find the most popular mechanical switches: Cherry MX Browns. These tactile switches feel nice for typing or gaming, with a light actuation force that is comfortable for hours on end.

The compact layout is also a draw, omitting the number pad to provide more space for your mouse. This is brilliant for small desks, and also helps to save weight if you plan on carrying this keyboard to work or LAN parties. (Of course, if you do need a number pad, you can always pick up a separate one that can be positioned to the left or right of the keyboard as you prefer.)

There have only been positive reviews of the Pink Filco from our customers so far, with users praising the cute colour, great performance and comfortable compact layout. We’re sure you’ll like it too, so if you dig the colour scheme then take a look at the product page for more information!

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