Bruce’s Blog: September 2016

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It’s been a few months since I wrote for the blog, and what a few months… It seems we are now heading towards an exit from the EU.

As a rule I would avoid anything political on here but I felt it worth a mention as we are dealing with people all around Europe and all around the world.

As a company we intend to continue to do our utmost for our customers in Europe and we will redouble those efforts. It is unlikely that the political details will be sorted out for some time and it seems likely that trading in electronics will be largely unaffected even if we were to trade on WTO terms. Ultimately, we see no reason to change tack.

The currency situation has been the most noticeable effect of the vote to date and this is not all bad. It is currently the case that anyone buying from overseas is getting a discount of about 10%. This is helping sales so the early signs are promising. Please feel free to get on and bag a bargain!

So I feel it is all the more important now that we ensure we have the very best range of keyboards to offer and that we support this with first class service. Elsewhere in the newsletter you will see we have some excellent new keyboards on offer and we are continually looking to add to the range. Recent additions like the Filco Convertible wireless model and the Ergo Pro from Matias are already amongst our best sellers.

You’ll see that I have been having some fun with the guys from TechRadar chatting about keyboards. They were really interested to know more about what it is that makes us enjoy some keyboards more than others – particularly when it comes to mechanical switch models. We chatted about the ways we interact with our keyboards and how our fingers and brains work together when we type. It’s all on the video here.

If you happen to be in Birmingham this Thursday, the 29th, we will be at the St Andrews Stadium, home to Birmingham City Football Club, for Midlands Expo 2016. Come along and say hi.

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