Bruce’s Blog — March 2016

bruce 300pxHello Everyone.

The last few months have flown by, it seems like yesterday I was writing about how we’re working on the website design and looking forward to Christmas.

And here we are now, the website is up and running and we’re all looking forward to some better weather.

The new website

Speaking of the website, please take a look and please don’t be afraid to feedback with any ideas. We need people to tell us how it works for them. Although the main design is complete, we are working on added functionality.

A screenshot of the new website.

A screenshot of the new website.

We have made it display equivalent US Dollar and Euro prices. So we will still take payment in UK Sterling but you are able to quickly check how that compares to other currencies. We have set it to calculate VAT as it would typically be in those areas, so the US Dollar price is without VAT, but the Euro price is with VAT. You can see how it looks here.

After much deliberation we decided on this as it represents what you would pay. But please feel free to let me know if this is not what you want to see, we can tailor it easily.

Mechanical & ergonomic keyboards remain popular

‘Surprise!’ – We’re still selling keyboards – Mechanicals are flying out the door. Filco, Matias and Topre in particular. It seems that once people find a keyboard that really is well made and uses the best components they are only too keen to buy. Our customers are very discerning and tend to know what they want. Quality keyboards and good service being top of the list. A keyboard that is a joy to use all day long is like gold.

Ergonomic models are making good ground and Mice to go with them. In many ways the mouse is more of a likely source of problems in an ergonomic sense. We ‘mouse’ so much more now, it can cause neck and shoulder pain and using the thumb-wheel scroll can cause finger troubles too.

The RollerMouse is one of several ergonomic mouse replacements.

The RollerMouse is one of several ergonomic mouse replacements.

There are some companies now who like to give you ergonomic advice and then offer to sell you the solution in the form of a mouse they just happen to have in stock. The professional ergonomists and physiotherapists that we work with are very uncomfortable with this, it is a conflict of interest. Do they want to fix your neck problem? Or do they want to sell some stock Most of these guys do a one week course, after which they call themselves experts.

We always stress that if you are feeling pain and you think it may relate to your computer use you must see your own GP or a qualified medic. They may suggest a product we don’t have, or they may find that you are suffering for some completely unrelated reason.

New wares from CBS

Coming soon we hope to have a range of Monitor Arms and laptop stands and ergonomic accessories from UK Manufacturer Colebrook Bosson Saunders. CBS for short.

CBS produce a range of ergonomic IT products.

CBS produce a range of ergonomic IT products.

Not so well known in the computer business, but CBS are very highly regarded amongst building interior designers and architects. We are really excited to have another set of top quality kit to add to make the desktop a nicer place to spend your time.


Thanks for reading, do email me if I can answer any questions.

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