Matias Secure Pro with 128 bit AES encryption review


Last year, Matias introduced the Quiet Pro – a new keyboard using special Quiet Click switches. In 2014, Matias are set to specialise that winning design for security, in the new Matias Secure Pro. Let’s take a closer look.

New security features

The heart of the Matias Secure Pro is 128 bit AES, an encryption algorithm that is considered to be the strongest available. Each input that the keyboard receives is transmitted with this encryption, which would take a billion-billion years to crack even with a supercomputer at your disposal. This prevents malicious agents from capturing important information – like your bank details or passwords.

How it works

For all of the protection it provides, the Secure Pro is incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is unplug the small nano receiver from the keyboard’s USB port, then plug it into your PC. This will immediately set up a secure channel from keyboard to computer, encrypting each input with 128 bit AES.


This is much more secure than unencrypted or loosely encrypted wireless connections, and even more secure than wired connections – which have proven vulnerable to remote monitoring, due to their relatively unshielded design.


Proven Matias design

The Secure Pro isn’t just about its security features though – it’s also a great keyboard to type on. The Quiet Click switches provide good tactile feedback while typing, without the mechanical clatter that your coworkers might find tiresome.

Incidentally, it’s quite possible to buy Quiet Click switches if you’d like to modify your mechanical keyboard or build one from scratch. Have a look here.


The mini layout provides a full-size main area, plus a carefully located arrow key cluster and a doubled-up delete / page up / page down cluster. While many Matias keyboards are built for the Mac, this particular model is made for the PC – so you’ll get the familiar layout that you expect for modifiers and the like. The keyboard also packs in media controls, accessible via the fn key in the lower right. The smaller form factor makes the Secure Pro easy to travel with, and also allows for a healthier and more comfortable posture.


The Secure Pro has a hefty internal battery, allowing it to be used for between six and twelve months on a single charge. Charging takes only a few hours once you open the box, and you’ll be able to use the keyboard while it’s plugged in too.

While charging, the keyboard can also be used to charge other devices, like phones and Bluetooth headsets. This means if there’s only one USB port available to charge from, charging the keyboard won’t prevent your other devices from charging too.


It pays to be security-conscious in this day and age, and the Matias Secure Pro can help you there. With a great typing experience and a classic Matias design, you won’t be sacrificing usability either.

The Matias Secure Pro is available now from The Keyboard Company, in UK, Nordic and German layouts.

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