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Matias Quiet Pro now shipping in UK, German and Nordic

The Matias Quiet Pro for PC is now shipping from The Keyboard Company in three new layouts: UK, German and Nordic. Check out the product pages below for prices or to place an order:

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Which switch?

There’s an awkward period between first getting interested in mechanical keyboards and actually going out and buying one with confidence. A lot of this stems from one question… ‘which switch?’ With four common Cherry switches, a few uncommon ones and

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Matias Laptop Pro Review

I’m typing this article on a mechanical keyboard on a train. Usually when I do this, it’s a real hassle – the mechanical switches click and clack, annoying my fellow passengers, and I have to use an ungodly series of

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Matias Quiet Pro for PC and Mac, featuring brand new Quiet Click switches

While mechanical keyboards offer a compelling typing experience, as anyone who has used one in a crowded Quiet Coach or office will know they can be quite loud. Even non-clicky switch options like the Cherry MX Brown still creates a

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The Office Show & the Matias Wireless Folding Keyboard for iOS

The Keyboard Company is going to the Office Show! On September 12th and 13th we’ll be at stand 5030, so if you’re planning on going then definitely come up and say hello. We’ll be highlighting products from our ever-expanding range

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