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Double Shot Filco 105 Key German Keyset


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A full set of double shot keycaps for Cherry switched, German layout, Filco Majestouch keyboards.
A double shot keycap instead of having it's legend lasered or printed on to it, actually has the legend running through it like a stick of rock so it will never wear away.
This set contains every keycap for the full size 105 key German Majestouch keyboard and will fit a German Tenkeyless or any ISO 105/88 key Filco keyboard.

£58.80 (£49.00 ex VAT)

Double Shot Filco 105 Key German Keyset - SPKCS105D/GR

The keycaps are taller, more rounded and heavier then the standard Filco keycaps which will reduce the force needed to depress a key, the legends are also larger.
Instead of having lumps on the home keys (F,J and keypad 5) this keyset's home keys have a more concave top.
These keycaps come with a set of Filco stabilizers (white/upper) for use when fitting to Filco keyboards.

Double Shot Filco 105 Key German Keyset - SPKCS105D/GR

Part Number
Language Layout
Number of keys/buttons
440 mm
135 mm
15 mm
300 g
Filco 105/88 key keyboards
Gross Weight
500 g

Double Shot Filco 105 Key German Keyset - SPKCS105D/GR

  Anonymous  20/07/2022
Some legend kerning errors and mistakes on the shift key, delete and numpad 1 key. Other than that the set looks good.
  Anonymous  28/09/2020
Good quality keycaps that are really fun, excellent price performance. It would be desirable if SA keycaps with ISO-DE layout could be bought more frequently in the future.
  Daniel  03/01/2020
Very good keycaps, big letters for good readability. I exchanged my ABS keycaps. I have green MX-Switches (70 g actuation force) and now it's almost like my old IBM Keyboard Model M ;-)
I can recommend this keycaps.
  Anonymous  10/07/2019
Good key caps for switches like Kailh Box Navy and especially good availability. The key caps are dark brown in bright light, but match black keyboards. Some letters are not 100% accurate justified on the keycaps, but that's fine with me.
The purchasing process was excellent and delivery to Germany was faster than some domestic orders.
Thank you very much!
  Peter  13/12/2021
The caps fit perfectly on my Filco Majestouch-2, Tenkeyless with MX browns. The caps are brown instead of the original black which gives the keyboard a nice vintage look and they are a little bit higher. But the feeling is even better with that setup.
  Nick  24/06/2020
I really like the old fashioned look and feel of the dark brown double shot keycaps. They are heavier and taller than the original keycaps and fit perfectly! Build quality is good, but not excellent. There are some production marks especially on top of the the larger keycaps. But I am confident that they will disappear over time. I would buy them again!
  Anonymous  11/09/2018
THICK keycaps, smooth, looking really good! The best keycaps I ever had! Cant recommend enough

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