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The Keyboard Company - How it all began

Geoff Thomas our founder

In 1989 Geoff Thomas bought a computer for his business. He didn't like the keyboard that came with it but when he asked the installation engineer about an alternative was told: "You just get what comes with the computer. I wouldn't know where to get a keyboard."

This set Geoff on a quest - to find a more compact and stylish keyboard - that left some desk space for his lunchtime gin and tonic.

Eventually, he found a company in Korea who had a smart mini keyboard and a left handed model.

He ordered 50 of each and advertised the surplus in the Telegraph. They sold so well it convinced Geoff that there was a market. The Keyboard Company was born.

It's all about choice. And that is what defines The Keyboard Company. Our main purpose is to offer a wide selection - in an industry that mostly strives for less choice and more standard products.

Equally we give service. Our phone number is displayed on our website. Our phones are answered promptly, by a real person who is knowledgeable about every keyboard and mouse we stock, and who is proud of the products and service that we offer.

Meet The Team

Bruce Whiting
Managing Director

John Sage
Sales Manager

Andrew Davis
IT Manager

Martin Lawrence

Helen Burford
Customer Service

Damien Barwick
Stores Manager