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UK VA88Mac PBT Backlit MX Brown Tactile Mac Keyboard



The VA88Mac is Varmilos high quality, tenkeyless, mechanical, Mac keyboard, it has a white case, white base plate, white keys and white backlighting. The legends are dye-sublimated onto the PBT keycaps in a UK ISO Mac layout, and it connects via a white detachable USB cable.

The keyboard has Cherry MX Tactile (Brown) switches and also has a PC mode if needed.

UK VA88Mac PBT Backlit MX Brown Tactile Mac Keyboard - VA88EN2W/WWM2C

  • Detachable cable
  • High durability PBT keycaps
  • Dye-sublimated legends
  • Mac and PC mode
  • Multi layered PCB
  • Wave soldered
  • NKRO
  • Win key lock function
  • 5 Sturdy rubber pads and 2 rubber feet
Contains: Keyboard, Detachable cable, Velcro cable tie, Additional windowed Caps lock key and keypuller.

UK VA88Mac PBT Backlit MX Brown Tactile Mac Keyboard - VA88EN2W/WWM2C

Part Number
Cable length
1.5 Metre
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
354 mm
131 mm
33 mm
950 g
Mac and PC
Gross Weight
1.83 kg

UK VA88Mac PBT Backlit MX Brown Tactile Mac Keyboard - VA88EN2W/WWM2C

  Matt  28/02/2022
Really happy with this keyboard. The keys feel so good to use, the layout is just spot on for me - the keys are nicely spaced out and pretty much where your fingers expect to find them. I'm seriously impressed with the quality of this thing, it feels solid, no spongey bounce from the space bar.
Many thanks to the Keyboard Co
  Anonymous  21/10/2021
Absoloutely love this keyboard. Great tactile feel and feels solid. Just wish I had gone for one of these sooner as I feel much more comfortable using it for long periods than I did with the Mac magic keyboard.

The only think that I would wish for on top of this is a bluetooth version. Other than that its perfect.
  Anonymous  31/08/2020
Have now had this a few weeks. Really enjoying the keyboard, and the extra space around the cursor keys. Seems well built and nicely designed. Oddly, it shipped in 'PC mode', so I needed to discover (and press) Fn+A for three seconds to get the unit into Mac mode. All the keys then worked exactly as printed on them. Excellent service from Keyboard Co.
  Anonymous  08/09/2019
Great keyboard, only thing is that Mac reads this still as a non apple keyboard and so there are a few keys that's are not quite mapped correctly but they are somewhat irrelevant keys anyway. However the important thing is that this is a gorgeous keyboard, very well built, nice pure white and classic cherry keys and switches which are just lovely. The frame is very solid too and makes lovely noises. Thank you
  Ikm  15/12/2021
Very nice keyboard, keys feel great size is good typing is very smooth compared to a cheaper mechanical board I have.

Looks quite retro ! Happy that there is backlight on the caps key ( some boards skip this )
  Anonymous  13/01/2021
Great keyboard, fantastic build quality. I'm so pleased with it I'm trying to find an excuse to buy another Varmilo.
I had a good chat with customer service before my purchase as I was torn between a couple of options but they helped me decide and I am delighted with my purchase (and the service).
  Anonymous  06/10/2020
Great keyboard. Fn+A for 3 seconds as setup.
  Anonymous   13/06/2020
Awesome keyboard, solid, and makes all the right noises ;) I use this with both my personal Mac and work PC and easily switch between modes for each device. Also enjoy the backlight but have it off the majority of the time. Also really happy with the service, quick delivery and the item was well packaged. Highly recommended both the keyboard and the Keyboard Co.

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