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UK Topre Realforce 88U 45g Black on Beige Tenkeyless Keyboard



The Topre Realforce88U Beige keyboard, exclusively produced for The Keyboard Company in TenKeyLess 88 key United Kingdom layout, is a joy to type on. It incorporates Topre's patented 30 million key life cycle non-contact electrostatic capacitance switches with a switch weight of 45g. The black on beige keycaps with their tactile feel and N Key Rollover ensure fast and accurate input.

UK Topre Realforce 88U 45g Black on Beige Tenkeyless Keyboard - YA6100

  • PBT Keycaps with dye-sublimated legends (except the space-bar)
  • Electrostatic capacitance non-contact switches
  • 45g 15g Switch weight.
  • Beige body, beige keys, metal base plate
Includes additional red Esc, W, A, S and D keycaps and a wire keypuller.

UK Topre Realforce 88U 45g Black on Beige Tenkeyless Keyboard - YA6100

Part Number
Cable length
1.6 Metre
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
366 mm
168 mm
38 mm
1.2 kg
PC and MAC (Mac's may experience limited functionality)
Gross Weight
1.6 kg

UK Topre Realforce 88U 45g Black on Beige Tenkeyless Keyboard - YA6100

  Anonymous  28/04/2020
  Anonymous  21/04/2020
I've been using computers since 1981 and used just about every key type around, from buckling spring to membrane, to chicklet, to various mechanical switches. A good keyboard feel is important to me because I use a computer for work as a software developer and for personal projects. I spend most of my day using one. This even defines the laptops I will buy (Thinkpads). I've finally tried Topre and utterly love it. It is OK for gaming but not quite as good as other switch types for this. So if gaming is your 100% priority then look elsewhere. But for general typing (or in my case 80% typing and 20% gaming) I am finding it far more comfortable than anything else I have used. It's a pleasure to type on.
  Dan R  10/02/2019
Absolutely fantastic feel of oneness with cup rubber.

After just five minutes of typing on a Topre, youll likely never wish to type on another keyboard ever again.

The only drawback is Im a Mac user, and the key caps on the Realforce are for Windows. Ive looked everywhere but cant seem to find replacements. Annoying admittedly, but not enough for me to not love this keyboard.
  Anonymous  26/08/2017
Topre switches---check
Understated beige styling---check
Large UK-style enter key---BUY
Please keep making these.
p.s. Would love replacement keycaps for mac layout.
  Cian  20/04/2020
Arrived promptly, packaged well, included a key removal tool and some replacement WASD keycaps.
Has the correct ISO layout with a satisfyingly chonky Enter key.
Topre feels fantastic after both a Mac keyboard and Otemu blues.
Highly recommended!
  Rich N  14/03/2019
It's a lot to splash out but this has been on my bucket list for a while. I've been using a Happy Hacking keyboard for a few years. So while there's a learning curve to the RealForce - short travel keys and a solid steel baseplate reward a gentle touch - it's a real pleasure being able to type and | without any remapping! I look forward to getting up to speed - it feels like a proper typist's keyboard.

Thanks Keyboard Co!
  Anonymous  21/01/2019
This is the best keyboard I have ever owned. I use it for programming and gaming. Moving from Cherry MX Brown switches to Topre Realforce is like night and day, and my typing accuracy has improved as well.

Would definitely recommend!

  H1313303  16/08/2018
I am too late for this item...
  Helvetinbarbaari  22/08/2017
I just got my 88U and i love it! I can't believe i wrote all these years with 20 supermarket keyboard when i could have had Realforce. Well.. better later than never! I highly recommend this. I got it mostly for gaming and was suspicious at first (everyone is praising mx cherrys for gaming) but this is just Perfect! Titanfall2 is totally new game. Also got Filco wooden wristrest at same time. Very good idea! These two are like pants and shirt. You guys should make it a bundle and give it a discount.

Again. Get this. You will not regret it!

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