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Filco Convertible 2 MX Blue Click USA ASCII Keyboard


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The Convertible 2 keyboard from master keyboard makers - Filco. This keyboard is 'convertible' from a USB wired keyboard to a Bluetooth wireless keyboard, and you don't even need to unplug it from your PC. It combines the high quality typing feel of Cherry MX switches, steel mounted in a rock solid body all put together in a very slick package. These keyboards just make you want to type, now on all of your devices.

£145.00 (£120.83 ex VAT) 

Filco Convertible 2 MX Blue Click USA ASCII Keyboard - FKBC104MC/EB2

  • Switch between 5 different devices, 4 Bluetooth and 1 USB
  • Tactile feel, audible click action (blue switch)
  • Rear mounted DIP switch located at the base of the keyboard
    1. Lock Windows and Application keys
    2. Swap CapsLock and left Ctrl keys
    3. Swap Esc and [` ~] keys
    4. Swaps Fn with Windows/App key
  • Gold contacts
  • 4.0mm travel
  • 2.0mm actuation point
  • 60g ~ 2.1oz actuating force keyswitch
  • Switches tested to 50 million actuations
Average battery life is about 6 months based on 5 hours use a day, the keyboard can be used without batteries, powered by a USB charger or PC.

Includes: Keyboard, detachable cable, velcro cable tie, extra keys, keypuller, 2 x AA batteries, dust cover and manual.

Filco Convertible 2 MX Blue Click USA ASCII Keyboard - FKBC104MC/EB2

Part Number
USB & Bluetooth
Cable length
1.8 Metre
Language Layout
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
440 mm
138 mm
39 mm
1.2 kg
PC USB and Bluetooth devices
Gross Weight
1.7 kg

Filco Convertible 2 MX Blue Click USA ASCII Keyboard - FKBC104MC/EB2

  Mineral  06/06/2022
This is a terrific keyboard. It's very difficult to find a bluetooth mechanical keyboard, and this one excels in every respect. High quality. Very functional. Ordering from keyboardco was super easy and product arrived in US in 5 days. Highly recommend both the product and the seller.
  Chris F  21/05/2020
Overall seems great in terms of both quality and function. At work I have a DAS keyboard 4 also with cherry blues. The build quality seems about the same. The FILCO is more compact though which is nice.

Being able to switch between devices is great. It's not super fast though - you have to type Ctrl-Alt-Fn then hit a number. It would be good to have some small dedicated buttons for switching devices.

Also agree with the other reviewer suggesing USB-C connectivity with extra USB ports on the back would make this awesome.
  Hien Ng  29/05/2018
Money well spent!

I had two MKs already but I still want another because I love them. Looking for a wireless MK, there is Filco Covertible. The Filco board's quality is top-notch, the sound is great and the bluetooth connection is almost flawless. I switch occasionally between Windows 10, Ubuntu 16 and Android, all are ok.
About Keyboardco, the shipping was fast as advertised. I'm considering buying another MK from this company.

From France.

Never say no to Filco.
  Y.  14/01/2017
Wow, just wow.

My first mechanical keyboard, and I have to say I'm impressed beyond my wildest expectations. The click-y feel is absolute joy to type with, nothing short of that.
The physical design is solid, and though key configurations are minimal, they'll match the needs of almost all QWERTY typists.
The 4 wireless profiles prove very useful - I can quickly switch from my home to work laptops!
The volume control mappings are somewhat awkward, (with F1, F2 and F3 mapped to Vol.Up, Vol.Down and Mute, correspondingly), but that's something that I'll get used to eventually.

The only downside is that I'm hesitant to bring it to the work place, in fear of being lynched by people who can't tolerate the amount of noise the blue switches produce :)

Definitely recommended!
  Ale Roz  28/06/2021
This is an amazing keyboard. Its my first mechanical and I am fully in love with it. The construction is extremely solid and the feel is perfect. I am also very happy with the performance of the wireless connection. Very happy with my purchase

As other comments suggest, I would not take my version of the keyboard (blue switches) to an office environment.
  Kieren Connell  04/06/2019
Sensational clicky keyboard!

What's else is there to say about this keyboard?
It's brilliant!
Heavy as a brick, so sits solid on the desk
Super solid construction
Key's are wonderfully clicky!

The only two things I will say about this keyboard are:
-If this keyboard came in USB-C with a couple of USB 3 ports on the rear, it would be absolutely perfect.
Having the BluetoothWired option make it so versatile, but with USB-C and a few USB 3 ports on the rear acting as a dock would make it just that much better

-MX Blue's are quite clicky, the bottoming out 'clack' is quite loud, if you're using this in an office environment, I'd recommend getting o-rings to reduce the noise - You still get a wonderful click with each keystroke, but you remove the louder clack sound at the end
  Simba Maliki  15/08/2016
Goodness, where to start with this keyboard.

A little bit about me first I guess. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and it has gotten to the point where I am not having some trouble with feeling in my fingertips, in particular when using a keyboard.

So I was looking for a keyboard that had a tactile feel and was wireless. I actually almost thought there was no keyboard out there that would fit the bill at the moment until I found the Filco Majestouch Convertible 2 with Cherry MX Blue Switches.

I got both the tactile feel and wireless that I wanted and it was nice to know the blue switches were not as loud as I was worried they would be.

BONUS: I am a fast typer, averaging around 92-94 words per minute, and I was also worried that because the keyboard was wireless that it would not be able to keep up. It does and the last time I took a typing test, I was able to break 100 wpm. This isn't to gloat but just to let people know that the keyboard does keep up.

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