100% Waterproof – Guaranteed!

All of our products meet the rigorous standards of IP-68 that requires products to be completely submersible. You can even use our products underwater if you wish!

Our products can go from the desktop or family room to the dishwasher or sink and back again after they have been cleaned.

100% Spillproof

Not all "spillproof" products really are. Sure, may be able to clean up a little water, but what happens if you spill coffee or soda on your keyboard (you know, like in real life)? The only way to clean that mess is to thoroughly wash the keyboard, or mouse or remote to get it clean and usable again.

100% Dishwasher Safe

Of course you can spray our products with disinfectants, but the only way to really clean keyboards, mice and remotes is to throw them in the dishwasher or put them in a sink of sudsy water and wash them!


Any of our SILVER products include our exclusive SILVER SEAL™ protection. Unlike many antibacterial products, SILVER SEAL™ utilizes natural, pure silver ions which are embedded in high grade plastic to create a safe, effective, inorganic, antimicrobial solution.  SILVER SEAL™ protection has been shown to safely inhibit microbial growth and reduce the spread of odor causing bacteria.  Click here for more information on Silver Seal™ protection.

Family Friendly

We love our kids, but kids can be hard on keyboards. Seal Shield™ keyboards are safe and can stand up to whatever little ones can dish out. When you have a family, spills, runny noses and coughs are a way of life. Kids don’t always wash their hands, so you need a keyboard that can be washed frequently.

Quick Connect™

Our corded products feature Quick Connect™. This includes a short USB cable with Gold connector that has our Seal Cap™ attached as shown on the left. Also in the box is an 8-foot USB extension cable that stays connected to your PC. When it is time to wash the unit, simply disconnect the Quick Connect™ cable, leave the extension cable attached to your computer, put the Seal Cap™ over the connector and wash! No more crawling around under desks or moving equipment to disconnect or reconnect your keyboard or mouse!

Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval

The Seal Shield™ keyboard, mouse and remotes with Silver Seal™ protection have earned the seal after evaluation or review by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute.

Seal Shield is Green

Green Technology

Seal Shield™ is committed to taking all necessary steps in our manufacturing process to ensure our products help preserve the environment and protect our customers. We comply with ROHS, a standard which limits the use of heavy metals and ozone depleting substances in our products and manufacturing processes. We also practice the reuse of plastics that have been discarded in our manufacturing process. These plastics are ground up and reusd in the use of other products, thereby minimizing the deposit of these plastics in the environment.