The news about the spread of Hospital Acquired Infections (HIAs), MRSA and other diseases has raised the awareness level amongst hospital administrators and physicians that a more thorough cleaning procedure is required. Seal Shield™ washable keyboards and mice are perfect for these environments. These products can be regularly cleaned, even put in the dishwasher, to ensure cleanliness. Additionally, many of our products include Silver Seal™ protection that is designed and proven to inhibit bacteria growth between washings.


Our new Silver Surf™ product line is ideal for the office or the family. Not only does it offer strong ergonomic design features, but it most importantly washable. Regardless whether you spill coffee on the keyboard at work, or kids cover the TV remote with chocolate, you can wash these keyboards and mice thoroughly and have them ready to go in a few minutes.


Reports of outbreaks of MRSA viruses at schools are of concern to all. Some cases have been traced by the Center for Disease Control specifically to computer keyboards used in the classroom. Clearly, there is a need for washable keyboards that can be kept clean easily and regularly.