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Falcon-8 DIY Blue Programmable Mini 8-Key Click Pad


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The MAX DIY Falcon-8 programmable mini backlit keyboard/keypad has 8 keys/switches (Cherry MX Blue), each key can be programmed as a standard key, media key or dedicated shortcut key and it's back lighting has 9 different modes (1 is backligthing off).
It has 6 key rollover, backlight settings memory, 32k on-board memory and a detachable cable.

Please note: Assembly is required, you will need soldering equipment.

£38.99 (£32.49 ex VAT)

Falcon-8 DIY Blue Programmable Mini 8-Key Click Pad - FALCON8-BLUE-BLUE

By default the Falcon-8 is pre-programmed with the media keys:-
  • Key 1: Mute
  • Key 2: Play/Pause
  • Key 3: Stop
  • Key 4: Volume up
  • Key 5: Media select (open default media player)
  • Key 6: Previous track
  • Key 7: Next track
  • Key 8: Volume down
  • CNC anodized aluminum base plate
  • PCB printed circuit board
  • 1M Micro USB cable
  • 8 x Clear translucent keycaps
  • 8 x 3mm flangeless WHITE LEDs
  • 4 x Standoff screws
  • 4 x Phillips screws
  • 4 x Nuts
  • 4 x 3M clear rubber feet
  • 8 x Black rubber o-ring
  • 8 x Cherry MX Blue switches
The Falcon-8 must be plugged into your USB host port that provide 100 mA (Milliamps) at 5 V (Volts).

Cherry MX Blue switch audible properties
The 'clicky' switch from Cherry is the favourite switch for typing as it has the click that tells the user that the switch is pressed in an audible way, this is in addition to the tactile feel. The click is made by a mechanism sliding up and down inside the switch and as it slides over a bump it clicks. This mechanism can take some time to bed in, sometimes there is more lubrication than other times and on occasion it can be a little sticky. This is another joy of using a mechanical keyboard. We do sometimes find that a Blue switch has a different noise quality to another Blue switch due to the nature of the product. So it is possible that across a keyboard the noise made may not be uniform.
While we pride ourselves on our service and customer support, we are unable to guarantee the audible quality of the click on a Blue switch.
If the audible click is found to be inconsistent and it is disturbing to the user we are happy to RMA the keyboard as per our 14 day satisfaction guarantee but we can't treat the noise the switch makes as a fault and we can't send out a Blue switch keyboard with a guarantee of the noise qualities.

Falcon-8 DIY Blue Programmable Mini 8-Key Click Pad - FALCON8-BLUE-BLUE

Part Number
Cable length
1 Metre
Language Layout
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
Cherry MX Blue
100 mm
56 mm
36 mm
120 g
Gross Weight
200 g

Falcon-8 DIY Blue Programmable Mini 8-Key Click Pad - FALCON8-BLUE-BLUE

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