Filco Mechanical Keyboard Giveaway ends tonight at 10pm GMT!

Our Filco Majestouch-2 giveaway is drawing to a close. We’ll be selecting a winner at 10 pm tonight, so if you want to enter the contest please do so before then! It only takes a few seconds to enter, and a few seconds more to share word of the contest via Twitter and Facebook to gain additional entries.

We’re really pleased with the response so far, but we know there are still keyboard commandos out there that haven’t heard of it! So please enter, please share with your friends, and the best of luck to each of you.


You can find the rules here. If you have any issues, please let us know in the comments below!

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  • Marcus

    All the sounds and the feel of the switches beneath your fingers are my favourite things about mechanical keyboards.

  • Love the Old School Sound!

  • Ricket

    Mechanical keyboards have a great feel to them. I’m not such a fan of the sound, but it’s worth it!

  • The sturdiness and sound of a mechanical is unmatchable. I’ve only used a friend’s but I would love one of my own.

  • James

    I like mechanical keyboards because of the accurate response, robustness and fast typing speed.

  • SegamanXero

    I love mechanical keyboards, they have a great feel to them and are easier to type on…

  • Blake Rodriguez

    that feel

  • Flojo

    My favourite thing about mechanical keyboards is purely the sound, it makes typing these long Uni assignments a lot more easier!

  • dave

    I love the tactile feedback you get from MX browns, so much better than membrane keys!

  • andrew

    They are so responsive!

  • Eli

    So clicky!

  • Alex

    The click of blues.

  • Sergio

    The feel and the responsiveness of a mechanical keyboard.

  • all_the_wine

    The quality and reassurance that it will last me for years to come, and the quality of the keyboard.

  • tom

    the tactile feedback

  • Dwarf

    The Wonderful durability

  • Max

    The clicky clack. And the feel.

  • LowlifeBurrito

    The feedback

  • The responsiveness and the built quality.

  • The clicks of the switches!