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x108 Capacitive Programmable Keyboard


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The new x108 2021 version:-

  • New 2021 switch

The x108 is a 108 key keyboard with a standard USA layout including an Fn key, a programming key and 3 multi-media keys, it connects via a detachable USB cable.

The x108 uses 35g Electro Capacitive switching similar to Topre switching but with the addition of being compatible with Cherry MX keycaps. Also included are 40+ additional 10g/20g springs that can be added under a keycap to increase the switch weight.

£169.00 (£140.83 ex VAT) 

x108 Capacitive Programmable Keyboard - NIZ108-047

The keycaps are black and dark PBT with turquoise legends, the function key works the same on most of the keys but can be programmed to perform different actions as the layout is programmable.

Included is a detachable USB C to standard USB A black braided cable, this plugs in under the keyboard, a wire keypuller, 4 Mac keys for Mac mode and some replacement stabilizers (Filco style).

x108 Capacitive Programmable Keyboard - NIZ108-047

Part Number
Cable length
1.5 Metre
Language Layout
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
440 mm
130 mm
25 mm
1.4 kg
PC & Mac
Gross Weight
1.8 kg

x108 Capacitive Programmable Keyboard - NIZ108-047

  LeafY  09/08/2021
This is such a unique type of keyboard, suitable for long time typing, soft like cloud and have unique key sound. Unlike Topre, it also has same keycap types as cherry ones so I can change keycaps easily.

The only small downside would be the indicator light kind of leaked a little to the side but not bothering me.

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