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The Truly Ergonomic CLEAVE Keyboard has been designed from the ground up to be ergonomically-accurate. It follows the Body's Natural Symmetry and Neutral Position resulting in a smooth and precise typing experience, and promotes a healthier posture to type comfortably and work longer without fatigue or pain.

The CLEAVE uses Optical Infrared Mechanical Switches - using Infrared Light to register every keystroke, providing an extraordinary comfortable feel and great tactility that helps you type at the speed of light, so you can type as fast as you want and all keys pressed get registered. Switches are replaceable and swappable, last much longer than all other mechanical switches or made with rubber domes, and are rated for 100 million actuations.

The keyboard includes 100% of the standard keys in only 60% of the space compared to conventional keyboards, while maintaining full-size keycaps and full-size space in between the keys. Additionally, it allows you to position your mouse much closer to your neutral hand position so you donít have to reach as far, minimizing wrist and shoulder pain, numbness, and tingling.

The new split symmetrical and columnar layout design reduces Ulnar Deviation (twisting of the wrists) making it incredibly comfortable. As well, important keys like Backspace, Delete, Shift, and Enter are located at the center of the layout to be accessed by your strongest fingers. The cushioned Palmrest provides support and promotes a neutral wrist posture. Includes customizable LED Backlight, Macros, 100% Anti-Ghosting Technology with Full-NKRO, cable management, is Water-Dust-Snack resistant, and is compatible with Windows & macOS & Linux.

The Truly Ergonomic CLEAVE Keyboard is the most advanced and only Truly Ergonomic mechanical keyboard on the planet - represents our mission to completely redefine what the best ergonomic keyboard should feel like, and prove that it can truly feel like an extension of You.

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