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Cirque Easy Cat Glidepoint Touchpad, Black, USB


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The black, USB, Cirque Easy Cat® touchpad makes it easier and more comfortable than ever to control your computer. To perform basic mouse functions, simply glide your finger over the smooth surface of the Cirque Easy Cat® to point, then tap on the pad or press on the buttons to click. Both 'left' and 'right' click functions can be activated by tapping on designated areas of the pad.

£31.20 (£26.00 ex VAT)

Cirque Easy Cat Glidepoint Touchpad, Black, USB - KBC-TP7U

It's easy to detect the 'right' click area of the pad thanks to the subtle change of pad texture and color. Double-tap and hold your finger on the pad, or hold the left button as your finger glides, to grab, drag and highlight any item on-screen. Activate vertical scroll by simply gliding a finger along the right edge of the touchpad. The GlideExtend® edge extending feature makes it easy to keep moving the cursor after you've run into the touchpad's edge. The Cirque Easy Cat® works 'out of the box' with all native Microsoft Windows® operating systems; no drivers required.

Cirque Easy Cat Glidepoint Touchpad, Black, USB - KBC-TP7U

Part Number
Cable length
1.8 Metre
Number of keys/buttons
86 mm
67 mm
13 mm
50 g
PC and MAC (Mac's may experience limited functionality)
Gross Weight
200 g

Cirque Easy Cat Glidepoint Touchpad, Black, USB - KBC-TP7U

  Anonymous  16/08/2017
I have 3 of these for 3 PCs so I think this means I would not use anything else. In my experience, which is over 15 years of using this product, it is an excellent, and robust mouse alternative: what normally fails is the cable between Touchpad and usb plug after 3 or 4 years. Good value and well engineered.
  Ian P  30/03/2017
Robust, withstands spills and muck. Sensitivity is good. Glidepoint control panel allows wide set of configuration options. Expect the lead connecting either the USB plug or the Touchpad to fail after repeated handling, i.e. after a year. Still good value for money.

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