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Varmilo Sea Melody Desk Mat Extra Large


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Varmilo's extra large Sea Melody desk mat, is a high quality desk mat with a blue whale fall design, it perfectly complements their Sea Melody keyboard and also looks great with any desk setup.

£19.99 (£16.66 ex VAT)

Varmilo Sea Melody Desk Mat Extra Large - ZDB001-01

The inspiration comes from the whale fall that occurs in nature. We depict the scene of a whale carcass falling onto a deeper ocean floor and creating a vast variety of ecosystems. It s the first time for Varmilo to try mingling watercolor and colored pencil painting with keyboard design. Every key is customized for the theme.

When a whale dies and sinks, it returns all it has received from nature back to the ocean, just like an oasis. Diversified species could therefore flourish on the barren deep ocean floor.

Smooth and Comfortable Deskmat
Varmilo's XL deskmats have a fine knit, firm surface texture, providing comfort and smooth movement.

Gaming level quality with outstanding durability
Varmilo's deskmats are made from high-quality knitted fabrics with stitched edges, designed to withstand long-term gaming and working.

Natural rubber material, stable grip
The bottom of Varmilo's deskmats are thick natural foam rubber, even when super fast gaming the pad will be solid and stable.

The extra large desk mats are large enough to go under your keyboard and be your mouse mat with room to spare

Varmilo Sea Melody Desk Mat Extra Large - ZDB001-01

Part Number
Language Layout
900 mm
400 mm
3 mm
700 g
All desks
Gross Weight
800 g

Varmilo Sea Melody Desk Mat Extra Large - ZDB001-01

  Neil  15/12/2023
Yet another great product from Varmillo - Looks and feels incredible, very rich in colour.

Speedy delivery and fantastic customer service from Keyboardco as always!
  Thomas  20/05/2020
Amazing looking and feeling mouse pad from Varmilo, shipping and postage were handled perfectly by Keyboard.Co can definitely recommend
  Alsuntia  08/08/2020
For its solid quality, pleasant and calming print and a very good handling of Keyboard.Co, I would totally recommend this mouse mat.

The print is nice but not as vibrant and sharp as on the pictures (if I may take a guess, the large mat probably looks better, as the surface is smaller). My only problem with this mat is oddly fitting for its theme: the ripples from being rolled up. The part at the right was rolled up very tightly and it's difficult to use a mouse there at first. The ripples are quite persistent even after putting some heavy books on it. I'm not entirely sure if it goes away completely over time (I have the mat for a few days only), so be prepared for that. ^^

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