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Varmilo Lovebirds I Desk Mat Extra Large


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Varmilo's extra large Lovebirds I desk mat, is a high quality desk mat with a lovebirds design.

'Not only a perfect pair but also a wonderful marriage.'

The Love Birds series consists of Yuan(male)and Yang(female). They have different design philosophies but convey the wishes and desires of love when put together.

£19.99 (£16.66 ex VAT)

Varmilo Lovebirds I Desk Mat Extra Large - ZDB032-01

We chose white because Yang is inspired by the famous blue-and-white porcelain, which is always decorated with orchid patterns on the white base. It is a proper symbol of a graceful lady.

The design team of Varmilo was also inspired by the windows of classical Chinese gardens. They create a special font that balances Chinese elements and highly distinctive features.

Smooth and Comfortable Deskmat
Varmilo's XL deskmats have a fine knit, firm surface texture, providing comfort and smooth and acurate mouse movement.

Gaming level quality with outstanding durability
Varmilo's deskmats are made from high-quality knitted fabrics with stitched edges, designed to withstand long-term gaming and working.

Natural rubber material, stable grip
The bottom of Varmilo's deskmats are thick natural foam rubber, even when super fast gaming the pad will be solid and stable.

The extra large desk mats are large enough to go under your keyboard and be your mouse mat with room to spare

Varmilo Lovebirds I Desk Mat Extra Large - ZDB032-01

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Varmilo Lovebirds I Desk Mat Extra Large - ZDB032-01

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