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USA Black Filco 104 Key Keyset Pack


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This pack has a full set of printed, black keycaps for Cherry switched, USA layout, Filco keyboards, 10 additional white stabilizer parts and a key puller. The keycaps come in a reusable keycap tray that has enough space for a WASD set if you have one.
The set contains every keycap for the Majestouch keyboard but will fit a Tenkeyless too, the keycaps are laser engraved and finished with a UV coating.

£29.94 (£24.95 ex VAT)

USA Black Filco 104 Key Keyset Pack - FKCS104EB

These caps will fit most keyboards with Cherry mechanical switches, but depending on the layout some keys may be a different size/shape.

USA Black Filco 104 Key Keyset Pack - FKCS104EB

Part Number
Language Layout
Number of keys/buttons
465 mm
175 mm
22 mm
160 g
Cherry MX switches (104/87 US ANSI)
Gross Weight
350 g

USA Black Filco 104 Key Keyset Pack - FKCS104EB

  Neil  30/05/2017
Filco keycaps are the best standard ABS keycaps I have used. I bought these to replace the keycaps on my DAS pro4 after experiencing the difference between them and my Majestouch 2. Tight fit, light, smooth feel, nice coating, make a nice clean sound, and they also wear well for ABS - I assume due to the coating. Well packaged and the keyboard co coaster, nail files are a nice touch. The only problem is - due to UK Filco keycaps being like hens teeth (or any black ISO keycaps for that matter) I had to buy both a 88key UK ISO set and the 104 ANSI set, just to make a full set for my ISO 105 keyboard, but that is Filco's problem (and mech keyboard manufacturers in general) not looking after euro markets very well, nothing to do with the Keyboard co.

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