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Unicomp Gray Linux Tux Keyset


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This Unicomp keyset is designed to fit the latest full size Unicomp keyboards, it contains:-

  • 1 x Esc
  • 1 x ~`
  • 1 x CTRL (2 wide to fit Caps)
  • 1 x Caps Lock (1.5 wide to fit CTRL)
  • 1 x Tux (1.25 wide)
  • 1 x Tux (1 wide)
All the keys are two part key assemblies except CTRL and the 1.25 Tux.

£20.00 (£16.67 ex VAT)

Unicomp Gray Linux Tux Keyset - UNI-LINUX-GRAY

The larger Tux key won't fit the correct key on a Mini Model M and the smaller Tux key may not fit older Unicomps, we advise using a keypuller to help fit this keyset.

Unicomp Gray Linux Tux Keyset - UNI-LINUX-GRAY

Part Number
Language Layout
Number of keys/buttons
90 mm
45 mm
25 mm
30 g
Unicomp and IBM buckling spring
Gross Weight
30 g

Unicomp Gray Linux Tux Keyset - UNI-LINUX-GRAY

  Anonymous  15/08/2022
Note that the Unicomp M-Mini bottom row layout has changed and needs a 1.5U key to replace the right Win key. The Tux key supplied is 1.25U which fits the Unicomp Model M but leaves space on the M-Mini
  Anonymous  09/10/2017
Great set of keys, I got coloured version, which looks a bit different than the one on the picture but I like it very much :)
  Aaron  17/05/2021
Good set of keycaps. No print issues or colour issues. No issues with fitting them in either. Will recommend care of you do swap keycaps because buckling springs are easy to damage and a bit fiddly

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