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UK Keychron Q1 & K2 OEM Dye-Sub PBT Keycap Set Retro


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Dye-Sub PBT Retro Vibe Keyset Only.

Made of highly durable PBT plastic and featuring dye-sublimated legends, this keycap set can withstand even the toughest users. Fully compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones, it's a great fit for today's boards.


£40.00 (£33.33 ex VAT)

UK Keychron Q1 & K2 OEM Dye-Sub PBT Keycap Set Retro - JM-31

Inspired by the best keyboard Apple ever made.
This Keychron ISO OEM Retro Keycap Set is crafted to honor the retro aesthetics and stands out from the crowd in a unique way. Never go out of style with a timeless colorway and classic italic legends. Engineered with dye sublimated legends set to last for decades like the legendary Apple Extended Keyboard. Not to mention the subtle feeling that you canít find elsewhere, but on PBT keycaps.

With its ultra-durable dye-sublimated legends on PBT plastic, these keycaps will resist shine and wear with legends that can last a lifetime. The Dye-sub PBT construction provides superior durability and feel.

When it's time to add a new top outfit to your mechanical keyboard, this keycap set with unique style is a great way to add some vibe to your favorite keyboard.

Includes additional keycaps for MacOS and Windows users, to deliver the same dedicated typing experience.

  • Material - PBT
  • Legend - Dye-sublimated, backlight does not shine through
  • Compatible Switch - MX Style
  • Profile - OEM
  • Compatible Keyboard - Q1, K2
  • Compatible Layout - ISO, UK, German

UK Keychron Q1 & K2 OEM Dye-Sub PBT Keycap Set Retro - JM-31

Part Number
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
320 mm
140 mm
20 mm
200 g
Q1 and K2 ISO Layouts
Gross Weight
250 g

UK Keychron Q1 & K2 OEM Dye-Sub PBT Keycap Set Retro - JM-31

  jjsanderson  07/08/2023
As everyone else has said: these are great! I hesitated for ages because I liked my K2 well enough out-of-the-box, but eventually succumbed because if I didn't I might have accidentally picked up an Apple Extended II from eBay, and that would have been bigger than my current desk. Also, er, ADB.

These keycaps look lovely, feel nicer both to touch and press than the standard keycaps, and somehow make the whole setup sound better too. My spacebar is still a bit loose, but it no longer rattles, and the whole setup (I'm on Gateron Browns) seems more solid and thunky than it used to. A little quieter, too.

Wish I'd jumped months ago.
  Steve-o  29/04/2022
I've had my K2 keyboard for around a year now and decided it needed a change of look, also the original ABS keycaps were becoming shiny which was annoying me. These PBT keycaps are a massive improvement and fit in very well with my monochrome ways, albeit with the redorange hello (Esc) and lighting effects keys. In fact that is probably my only criticism, I wish these keys were more orange then red. If you want to see what the K2 looks like with this keycap set fitted I recommend going on Keychron's website. Although I would definitely recommend ordering from The Keyboard Company as I have for my K2, wrist rest, and now these keycaps.
  Mil  22/02/2022
What a beautiful keycap set, it looks great, it is very functional since the letters are so clear, it sounds great as it is PBT after all. Also, the one very pleasant surprise I had with this, was the touch feeling of the keys. They are very smooth, like there is a nano layer of rubber or something. That was very unexpected, I do not know how to describe it, but now my taste on keycaps has changed, I really miss this feeling when using other keyboards. Excellent keycaps for an excellent keyboard like the Q1 I purchased. After using the Q1 with these keycaps, I would say that Keychron definitely is one my favourite keyboard companies.
And of course am glad to say I received a great service from and I love the fact they have such huge range of inventory and they deliver so fast.
  Emanuele  18/05/2023
A perfect combination with my Keychron K2 Pro keyboard. I would highly suggest to anyone as it adds a nice touch to it. Would probably suggest with a browny leather styled desk mat underneath which would complete the sort of retro techy style. Plus great service from Keyboard Company for support and delivery.
  Anonymous  25/08/2022
The world of modifying keyboards is totally new to me and after struggling to type with fewer errors on yet another membrane keyboard, the Keychron modifiable mechanical keyboard is a revelation.

I bought a K4 V2 and while the basic keyboard works well, this keycap set transforms it. The keyboard feel much more solid, but the key thing for me is the much improved visibility of the characters. I can now glance down and quickly ensure that I'm on the correct characters. The white arrow keys really stand out whereas previously I had to search for them in a sea of grey.

A great product. It is saving me so much time. Thank you.
  Tony H  23/02/2022
These keycaps are a clear improvement on the ABS caps that come as standard on keychrons other keyboards. The feel of the keys, the feel of typing and the satisfying sound are all improvements. And the colour goes so well with the Q1 in silver! Great stuff and great service!

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