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UK Black Filco 105 Key Keyset Pack


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This pack has a full set of printed, black keycaps for Cherry switched, UK layout, Filco keyboards, 10 additional white stabilizer parts and a key puller. The keycaps come in a reusable keycap tray that has enough space for a WASD set if you have one.
The set contains every keycap for the Majestouch keyboard but will fit a Tenkeyless too, the keycaps are laser engraved and finished with a UV coating.

£29.94 (£24.95 ex VAT)

UK Black Filco 105 Key Keyset Pack - FKCS105UKB

These caps will fit most keyboards with Cherry mechanical switches, but depending on the layout some keys may be a different size/shape.

UK Black Filco 105 Key Keyset Pack - FKCS105UKB

Part Number
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
465 mm
175 mm
22 mm
160 g
Cherry MX switches (105/88 ISO)
Gross Weight
350 g

UK Black Filco 105 Key Keyset Pack - FKCS105UKB

  deregle1  21/12/2022
Not opened the package yet as bought to hold in reserve for when the original keys need replacing. Worn keys unable to be replaced was reason for changing X6 keyboard. I've no doubt the keyset pack to be to the same high standard as the keyboard.
  Dave Arkley  08/11/2020
Great quality key caps, fit switches perfectly. Took me about 30 minutes to replace keys caps on my teneless keybord
  Grace  13/07/2020
I've decided to give my hard working 10 year old Filco a treat, give it a bit of TCL, so I ordered a set of new keycaps for it. Really happy with the purchase and they also came with a key puller which is nice. The Keyboard company is my go-to place for mechanical keyboard!
  Anonymous  10/10/2018
Really good keys, they fit properly on switches that honour the mx standard. Used them to replace an abysmal steelseries keyset.
  phil  08/11/2021
Quick and efficient service.

I've previously used keys with no engravings and also double shot engraved, but everything gets shiny with use, and it's the shiny texture I don't like. These standard keys are perfect because they're cheap enough to simply replace once the surface feel gets polished. As good as brand new.
  AMB  15/09/2020
After 5 years of constant use half my keys were worn to blank. Now good as new.
  Dr Herbie  02/06/2020
Good, solid, standard keycaps. UK ISO layout fits my Das Keyboard perfectly.
  Jonathan  21/11/2019
Happy with my the set of keys and they also came with a key puller which is nice. Best online price you will find in the UK.

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