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R-Go Ergonomic Armrest


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The R-Go Ergonomic Armrest provides optimal support to the forearms during monitor work. The curved shape allows you to slide in well and support the arms close to the body. This stimulates an upright working posture and provides relaxation in the shoulders. The armrest is padded and therefore feels soft and comfortable. This armrest fits almost all desktops.

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R-Go Ergonomic Armrest - RGOARMC

Certified, approved by experts
We strive for ergonomic solutions that are suitable for everyone, regardless of your height, posture and left- or right-handedness. Our new products are assessed by external ergonomists and a test panel of users. Since June 2022, our ergonomic mice, Break keyboards, Riser laptop stands, monitor arms, document holders, laptop and tablet stands are also AGR certified. In addition, we won the Benelux Office Award for the Break software and our Viva laptop bag.

R-Go Ergonomic Armrest - RGOARMC

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680 mm
215 mm
25 mm
700 g
Almost all desktops
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1 kg

R-Go Ergonomic Armrest - RGOARMC

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