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Matias Quiet Click Key Switch Module


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The Matias Quiet Tactile Switches are virtually identical to the classic simplified white Alps switches, with a similar force curve and activation force.

£0.78 (£0.65 ex VAT)

Matias Quiet Click Key Switch Module - KS101Q

However they are quieter and the lifespan of the Matias switches is longer, with 50,000,000 actuations (compared to the original spec of the classic white Alps, which was 10,000,000 actuations).
The Matias Quiet Tactile Switches are quieter than other mechanical keyboards, and have a sound level similar to a regular non-mechanical keyboard, they are quieter for two main reasons:
1) The switches have internal rubber sound dampeners, that drastically reduce the impact noise on the downstroke AND the upstroke.
2) The metal tactile leaf on the quiet switches is held stationary to eliminate the click noise. On the clicky switches, it's loose.
  • Contact Mechanism: Metal Leaf
  • Keycap Mount: Alps Mount
  • Switch Mount: Plate Mount
  • Activation Force: 60g 5g
  • Life Span: 50,000,000 actuations

Matias Quiet Click Key Switch Module - KS101Q

Part Number
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
Matias Quiet Click
16 mm
16 mm
19 mm
10 g
Matias keyboards
Gross Weight
10 g

Matias Quiet Click Key Switch Module - KS101Q

  Paolo  05/11/2023
I needed one Matias Quiet Click to replace a failed one on my Keyboardio Model 01, easy swap with just a bit of soldering.
It works as new! Very satisfied
  Anonymous  02/05/2023
Came in relatively quickly, considering customs. Great quality switches, used to replace an overused one in the Keyboardio Model 01. Soldering out and back in was a bit delicate without the desoldering pump to suck up the solder out of the PCB hole, but doable with a bit of patience.

Love the keys, they work and feel great.
  Alex  17/11/2022
Great price and quick delivery. Which is absolutely great and unexpected since its probably the only shop in Europe with these switches.
  Matias for the win :^  10/07/2021
The ALPSMatias is THE tactile switch.

Somewhat scratchy if not lubed.

Distinctive audible ping due to being otherwise silent.

So happy with it - using the 2nd of two keyboards I've built with one 200 pcs and 9 single switch packs (209 with some spares in total).
Highly recommended.

The shopping was a breeze - went in, cart, payment and the goods arrived perfectly packed and somewhat earlier than expected!

One perfectly satisfied & returning customer :D

Some people are concerned that MatiasALPS are switches of subpar quality or things like that - let me reassure you it is quite the opposite:
I had the 2 key miss contacts and behave for like 2 weeks after initial build - and every time substantial force would yield one or two characters in the end.
As time goes on it has been broken in and works as flawlessly as any other of the 104 keys on that keyboard.
The other board ran 100% error free from the get go.

They just break in for a week or two.
(I'm a years long original black ALPS SCKM user so i would know by now - it's their specific thing)
  Maciej  02/01/2019
I had a cleaning accident with my Matias keyboard and had to replace one broken switch. As always, Keyboard company delivered great service. I cannot recommend them enough!
  bamdad  09/01/2018
Great switch, especially the new generation that has less inconsistencies and wobble. Also, the packaging, delivery and all-around service was excellent. The only thing I was missing is an option for a 100 switch pack - sometimes 200 is too much..

All in all, both Matias products and the Keyboard Company are highly recommended.
  Rowan N  12/05/2023
Great switches from a great company. Bought the keyboard from keyboardco about 10 years ago and it is great. Unfortunate that I can't get another matias quietclick in UK layout, but great I can still get the spares to keep this one going. I've had the T key fail on this keyboard twice now, not sure if I'm particularly hard on my T key for some reason, or if the initial replacement switch I bought (which may have been an ebay special - I can't remember where I sourced it) was not up to the standard of the original fit switches. Here's hoping to this latest one from keyboardco being the last replacment I ever need to make - it is a bit fiddly, but easy enough (and worth doing to repair an otherwise EXCELLENT keyboard).
  Anonymous  23/04/2021
Keyboardco delivered overseas more quickly than expected, everything was frictionless and package arrived in good condition

Would buy again!
  Albrecht  16/12/2020
Keyboard Co has been my rescue, when it comes to needing the right switches in case something broke. Very fast shipment and good prices. Sadly this will likely be my last order since ordering from outside the EU will likely make it too expensive and complicated :(. Best to you, I hope the UK will be okay on its own.
  Anonymous  02/04/2020
The switches themselves all seem to be in great condition. I only had to replace one for now but ordered several.

Speedy delivery in great packaging.

Thumbs up all around.
  Lionel  12/09/2019
Great quality and prompt delivery, the matias quiet click that I use on a Keyboardio are awesome.
  Marc Chambon  05/02/2019
Great quality! (require some (de)soldering experience)


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