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Matias Quiet Click Key Switch Modules x 200


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The Matias Quiet Tactile Switches are virtually identical to the classic simplified white Alps switches, with a similar force curve and activation force. However they are quieter and the lifespan of the Matias switches is longer, with 50,000,000 actuations (compared to the original spec of the classic white Alps, which was 10,000,000 actuations).

£48.00 (£40.00 ex VAT)

Matias Quiet Click Key Switch Modules x 200 - KS101Q-200

The Matias Quiet Tactile Switches are quieter than other mechanical keyboards, and have a sound level similar to a regular non-mechanical keyboard, they are quieter for two main reasons:
1) The switches have internal rubber sound dampeners, that drastically reduce the impact noise on the downstroke AND the upstroke.
2) The metal tactile leaf on the quiet switches is held stationary to eliminate the click noise. On the clicky switches, it's loose.
  • Contact Mechanism: Metal Leaf
  • Keycap Mount: Alps Mount
  • Switch Mount: Plate Mount
  • Activation Force: 60g 5g
  • Life Span: 50,000,000 actuations
Contents: 200 Key switches.

Matias Quiet Click Key Switch Modules x 200 - KS101Q-200

Part Number
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
Matias Quiet Click
16 mm
16 mm
19 mm
500 g
Matias keyboards
Gross Weight
500 g

Matias Quiet Click Key Switch Modules x 200 - KS101Q-200

  Anonymous  08/06/2018
Very smooth, although a bit annoying secondary tactile event due to the longer contact plate. Another thing Matias could rework is those long dampeners, how hard is it to replicate the smarter Alps dampening mechanism? However, these newer, retooled ones are clearly made with more precision. People should try more of Matias' products. Highly recommend buying from Keyboardco, not only for being one of the few bringing Matias into Europe, but also for their quick reply to my questions. Great service, thanks a lot for your passion!
  Craig  30/10/2017
Excellent price for these high quality switches.
  Anonymous  07/08/2017
Very nice switches as well as fast and good delivery.
  Jakob  10/01/2018
In my opinion these are the ideal key switches in an office environment. They're very quiet and a pleasure to type on.

Great price and fast delivery - 5 stars!
  Dumitru Rob  20/11/2017
Ordered these to replace some Black Alps on a Dell AT102W.
Very nice to type on, way better than Cherry Browns and equivalents - these are actually tactile.
They are also damped both on the upstroke and downstroke, so very good for office environments.
These switches can also be easily modded to make them either damped linear (open the switch and remove the tactlie leaf) or damped clicky (open the switch and remove the side prongs from the tactile leaf - this CANNOT be undone!)
The service from Keyboardco was excellent, with clear communication every step of the way, including answering questions before I made the order.

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