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Keyboardio Atreus Wristrest


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A gorgeous solid hardwood palm rest designed for the Keyboardio Atreus keyboard.

The palm rest features a gentle five degree tilt, contoured edges and a wide, deep area for your hands.

£69.00 (£57.50 ex VAT) 

Keyboardio Atreus Wristrest - ATREUS101

Each palm rest is precision-milled from warm, beautiful walnut. Non-marking silicone pads on the bottom of the palm rest ensure that it will stay put on your desk.

Includes wooden palm rest ONLY (Atreus keyboard sold separately)

Keyboardio Atreus Wristrest - ATREUS101

Part Number
Language Layout
280 mm
180 mm
30 mm
600 g
Atreus keyboards
Gross Weight
800 g

Keyboardio Atreus Wristrest - ATREUS101

  Jon J  01/03/2022
I'm still getting acclimatised to my Atreus somewhat, but prior to receiving the wrist rest I had been using it for around two months and had gotten somewhat used to the configuration. But the wrist rest improves on it and give it a nice slant, without adding too much to the bulk. I think it's made of walnut, but the rest isn't very heavy, though it feels solid and looks well made. There's a notch for the USB-C cable with 2-3 mm around it, tastefully rounded and the whole thing is finished nicely and is smooth and feels nice to the touch. There is felt on the inside where the Atreus rests, which is a nice touch, and there are small rubber feet on the bottom. It can't of course be adjusted, but if you love your Atreus but feel it needs a bit more slant and want something stylish, I highly recommend this wrist rest.

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