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Filco Macaron Wrist Rest Rainy 17mm Large


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The Filco Majestouch 'Macaron' wrist rest is manufactured in Japan using Ultrasuede® and high-performance polyurethanes in a layered structure.

The result is a premium feel, comfortable, functional wrist rest with moderate elasticity that will last.

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Filco Macaron Wrist Rest Rainy 17mm Large - MWR/17L-RA

Ultrasuede® is the 'Made in Japan' suede-like material that promises high functionality with elegance and texture that resonates emotionally. It has the soft texture and feel of premium suede, high functionality, superior durability, all-weather comfort and breathability, plus carefree maintenance. Invented by TORAY Industries Inc. it's based on combining innovative ultra microfibers in a non-woven fabric using high advanced processing technology.

The middle layer uses a thick high energy absorbing microcellular polymer sheet with low adhesion and grip reducing residual strain, and the base is a thin 'perfect' grip microcellular sheet to stop the wrist rest moving.

Available in 2 heights: 12mm or 17mm, 2 different widths: Medium 365mm or Large 445mm, and several different colours.

Filco Macaron Wrist Rest Rainy 17mm Large - MWR/17L-RA

Part Number
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445 mm
80 mm
17 mm
150 g
Standard keyboards
Gross Weight
210 g

Filco Macaron Wrist Rest Rainy 17mm Large - MWR/17L-RA

  Andrew  27/12/2021
Bought it for work but might get another for home as well. Nice colour and quite comfy and functionalThe top surface allows your hands to slide over quite nicely, but the the right angled near edge is a bit irritating if you have short sleeves, and it wouldn't be tricky for the manufacturers to smooth that out. If it cost a little less, and had the right angles smoothed out, it would earn 5 stars.

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