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Filco Macaron Wrist Rest Ash 17mm Medium


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The Filco Majestouch 'Macaron' wrist rest is manufactured in Japan using Ultrasuede® and high-performance polyurethanes in a layered structure.

The result is a premium feel, comfortable, functional wrist rest with moderate elasticity that will last.

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Filco Macaron Wrist Rest Ash 17mm Medium - MWR/17M-AS

Ultrasuede® is the 'Made in Japan' suede-like material that promises high functionality with elegance and texture that resonates emotionally. It has the soft texture and feel of premium suede, high functionality, superior durability, all-weather comfort and breathability, plus carefree maintenance. Invented by TORAY Industries Inc. it's based on combining innovative ultra microfibers in a non-woven fabric using high advanced processing technology.

The middle layer uses a thick high energy absorbing microcellular polymer sheet with low adhesion and grip reducing residual strain, and the base is a thin 'perfect' grip microcellular sheet to stop the wrist rest moving.

Available in 2 heights: 12mm or 17mm, 2 different widths: Medium 365mm or Large 445mm, and several different colours.

Filco Macaron Wrist Rest Ash 17mm Medium - MWR/17M-AS

Part Number
Language Layout
365 mm
80 mm
17 mm
150 g
Tenkeyless/80% keyboards
Gross Weight
210 g

Filco Macaron Wrist Rest Ash 17mm Medium - MWR/17M-AS

  Benda  06/12/2022
Really nice wrist rest. The 17mm height in medium size is perfect for my keychron Q3.
I think Filco did change the position of the logo (top right corner on my model) which is great cause I heard it can peel of over time. I hope the wrist rest wont be wearing too quickly. (had it for a week).
Great service and communication from the keyboard company! Thanks.
  Chris W  26/01/2021
I bought this wrist rest to pair up with my existing Filco Tenkeyless as I was getting sore hands from resting directly on the desk all the time. I took a gamble with the thicker 17mm one as I wanted it to be as soft as possible but not to end up too high relative to the typing height I was used to - and the 17mm is perfect (for me anyway). I've since put the kick feet out on the TKL keyboard and the typing position is comfortable.

The grey colour suits my custom keycaps (HK Gaming Sublime set) and space grey macbook pro. The felt finish is very nice to rest on and doesn't feel shiny, hard or grippy like some materials might. I've only had it a week or so, so can't comment on long term wear.

There is only one downside to this rest which is actually extremely disappointing but I have a workaround. The FILCO logo is printed on with some kind of flexible plastic - much like a printed t-shirt, and this sits directly underneath exactly where the ball of your left hand is. So I'd frequently be shifting my hand and experience a small, but not insignificant, stickyness where my warm hand starts bonding to the logo. This got so annoying, I now have it upside down so the logo is in the top right where my wrists NEVER go. Even using the arrow keys with my right hand, the palm of my hand bridges over the sticky logo in the top right, so this is a much better logo placement. Not sure if Filco thought much about this, but does seem to be a fundamental design flaw I'd not expect on a premium product - hence dropping to 4 stars.

But overall, thoroughly recommended and pairs well with the Filco Tenkeyless. 17mm height brings your hand's working height to about 2mm below the edge of the keyboard. I'm not an ergonomic expert, but it's comfortable for me.

Great range of colours to choose from to suit your setup too!
  Nagapow  15/02/2022
bought a medium size rest for my Filco Convertible 2. its very comfortable. in hindsight i should have probably bought the thin version as the thick version feels slightly too high.. but regardless, it is still a masssive improvement over without a wrist rest. highly recommended. it is very comfortable. Not the best looking thing but its highly functional.

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