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Filco Macaron Wrist Rest Ash 17mm Large


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The Filco Majestouch 'Macaron' wrist rest is manufactured in Japan using Ultrasuede® and high-performance polyurethanes in a layered structure.

The result is a premium feel, comfortable, functional wrist rest with moderate elasticity that will last.

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Filco Macaron Wrist Rest Ash 17mm Large - MWR/17L-AS

Ultrasuede® is the 'Made in Japan' suede-like material that promises high functionality with elegance and texture that resonates emotionally. It has the soft texture and feel of premium suede, high functionality, superior durability, all-weather comfort and breathability, plus carefree maintenance. Invented by TORAY Industries Inc. it's based on combining innovative ultra microfibers in a non-woven fabric using high advanced processing technology.

The middle layer uses a thick high energy absorbing microcellular polymer sheet with low adhesion and grip reducing residual strain, and the base is a thin 'perfect' grip microcellular sheet to stop the wrist rest moving.

Available in 2 heights: 12mm or 17mm, 2 different widths: Medium 365mm or Large 445mm, and several different colours.

Filco Macaron Wrist Rest Ash 17mm Large - MWR/17L-AS

Part Number
Language Layout
445 mm
80 mm
17 mm
150 g
Standard keyboards
Gross Weight
210 g

Filco Macaron Wrist Rest Ash 17mm Large - MWR/17L-AS

  Frances Lynn  11/03/2023
I'm thrilled with this Wrist Rest, which is much more comfortable than my old Keychron wooden wrist rest. I asked Bruce Whiting, which wrist rest would go with my new best friend, the UK Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac Audible Click DASK4MACCLI-UK. Bruce immediately suggested this one, and gave me the correct size. The Ash colour blends in perfectly with my Das, so much more aesthetic than the dropped cigarette ash when I used to work and smoke back in the day.

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