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Filco Lacquered Wood Palm Rest Suriurushi-Nuri Medium


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The Filco lacquered palm rest is a genuine wood palm rest hand finished with the ancient Japanese lacquerware technique Suriurushi-Nuri

'The simple texture that imparted the beauty of the grain by imprinting the black lacquer solution many times on the wooden skin has become a masterpiece that we and artisans created without detention.'

£59.00 (£49.17 ex VAT)

Filco Lacquered Wood Palm Rest Suriurushi-Nuri Medium - FWPR/M-SUR

The technique leaves a very hard wearing smooth surface with some of the wood grain texture still visible, an excellent addition to a Kobo or any keyboard.

The medium palm rest is 360mm wide, designed for tenkeyless size Filco Majestouch-2 keyboards but should work well with any tenkeyless/80% keyboard. Large and small versions are also available.

The palm rest is made from Tamo wood which is widely used for furniture, it combines strength and suppleness, it is a hard wearing wood.

Included are 2 large 'PORON' adhesive feet 4.5mm thick apx. 'PORON' is a highly functional urethane foam with a fine and uniform cell structure and excellent characteristics such as energy absorption, dimensional stability and non migration. The Foot Pad series exerts a high grip power by special surface technology while keeping the basic performance as is.

Filco Lacquered Wood Palm Rest Suriurushi-Nuri Medium - FWPR/M-SUR

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360 mm
81 mm
20 mm
380 g
Tenkeyless/80% keyboards
Gross Weight
450 g

Filco Lacquered Wood Palm Rest Suriurushi-Nuri Medium - FWPR/M-SUR

  Dewi Daniels  03/10/2020
Well, that's the most I've ever spent on a block of wood. Still, it looks and feels very nice and is extremely comfortable for typing. It replaced a Filco leather palm rest that I really liked, but which came unglued (after 10 years, admittedly). I tried an Asus ROG Gaming Wrist Rest, which was much cheaper, but I hated it (it's only the second item I've ever returned to Amazon). The Filco palm rest looks really stylish on my desk and I'm finding it extremely comfortable. It should last even longer than my previous Filco palm rest as it's a simpler design.
  Mark Bailey  28/02/2019
Very elegant wrist rest. I thought it would be too hard on my wrist but it's very smooth and pleasant. Expensive but worth it in my opinion.

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