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Double Shot Filco 104 Key USA Keyset



A full set of double shot keycaps for Cherry switched, USA layout, Filco Majestouch keyboards.
A double shot keycap instead of having it's legend lasered or printed on to it, actually has the legend running through it like a stick of rock so it will never wear away.
This set contains every keycap for the full size 104 key USA Majestouch keyboard but will fit a USA Tenkeyless too.

Double Shot Filco 104 Key USA Keyset - SPKCS104D

The keycaps are taller, more rounded and heavier then the standard Filco keycaps which will reduce the force needed to depress a key, the legends are also larger.
Instead of having lumps on the home keys (F,J and keypad 5) this keyset's home keys have a more concave top.
These keycaps come with a set of Filco stabilizers (white/upper) for use when fitting to Filco keyboards.

Double Shot Filco 104 Key USA Keyset - SPKCS104D

Part Number
Language Layout
Number of keys/buttons
440 mm
135 mm
15 mm
300 g
Filco 104 and 87 USA
Gross Weight
500 g

Double Shot Filco 104 Key USA Keyset - SPKCS104D

  Kevin  31/01/2018
Great set at a reasonable price. Excellent merchant.
  Chris Fredericks  08/08/2017
Package arrived well padded and packed. Keycaps are a joy to use, feel solid and of great quality.
  GunplaAddict  05/12/2016
This is hands down, the best double shot uniform SA keyset out there below $100. These are high quality. The item came well packaged and took 3 days to deliver from UK to California. A+ for shipping.
  AlexAtPanc  21/09/2016
Fantastic set of 2-2-3-3-3-3 SA caps. First ones I've owned, and I'm converted. Smooth, thick and ready to be caressed until shiny. That may have come out wrong. Shipping to the US was faster than I've ever experienced. If you want a full set of SA caps you'd be crazy not to pick these up.
  Granissado  01/09/2016
This is a great SA keyset for the price, the color scheme is awesome, careful these are not black but dark brown.
  Iron SUnsetscales  14/06/2016
These keycaps are very good quality, I love the looks of them, and they sure feel great to type on them (cherry mx green)
mine are already getting shiny, just as these old school style key caps should be!
  adp  20/11/2017
Great set, I am using it on an Ergodox EZ and so far so good! The color is a very nice dark chocolate brown, TAA I think. Definitively old school looking.
The shipping from The Keyboard Company, as usual, extremely fast!
  Thet  03/02/2017
Love these keycaps. If I purchase another keyboard, I would buy these again from Keyboard Co without hesitation. Extremely fast shipping to Myanmar in just 9 days.
  fiscalrascal  31/10/2016
Nice quality keycaps. They are indeed a dark chocolate brown, only noticeable when placed next to a black object. The glued inserts can be removed easily with a flathead screwdriver or wide-nose pliers, the glue Filco uses appears to be rubber cement or similar.
  dilbertprogrammer  21/09/2016
Very pleased with the quality of these SA keycaps! Profile is 2-2-3-3-3-3, which is nice, as it allows me to accomplish uniform R3 when used on my 40% keyboards. Quick shipping to the US too! Thumbs up this product and! :-)
  Tacnificent  14/06/2016
Great SA profile keycaps.

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