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Double Shot Filco 105 Key UK Keyset


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A full set of double shot keycaps for Cherry switched, UK layout, Filco Majestouch keyboards.
A double shot keycap instead of having it's legend lasered or printed on to it, actually has the legend running through it like a stick of rock so it will never wear away.
This set contains every keycap for the full size 105 key UK Majestouch keyboard and will fit a UK Tenkeyless or any ISO 105/88 key Filco keyboard.

£58.80 (£49.00 ex VAT)

Double Shot Filco 105 Key UK Keyset - SPKCS105D/UK

The keycaps are taller, more rounded and heavier then the standard Filco keycaps which will reduce the force needed to depress a key, the legends are also larger.
Instead of having lumps on the home keys (F,J and keypad 5) this keyset's home keys have a more concave top.
These keycaps come with a set of Filco stabilizers (white/upper) for use when fitting to Filco keyboards.

Double Shot Filco 105 Key UK Keyset - SPKCS105D/UK

Part Number
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
440 mm
135 mm
15 mm
300 g
Filco 105/88 key keyboards
Gross Weight
500 g

Double Shot Filco 105 Key UK Keyset - SPKCS105D/UK

  Reyga  08/02/2022
My 2nd purchase from this friendly store. The first was US ANSI back in 2016 and never regret having one since then. Alas, some keys was lost and I need to replace the lost keys fortunately available in UK ISO keyset. The new one feels the same with the ANSI, nothing change. I always love the SA profile.

Great store, friendly and nice team (especially Bruce and Helen) assisting me with canceling order and reordering including many Q&A after and before. LOL.

Success for you guys!
  Anonymous  18/05/2020
Good service and good keys - not cheap but look and feel nice. Arrived in perfect condition. Bought to replace keys on Ninja Majestouch TKL, which are fun but a little hard to see in low light. Not sure how these would compare to a similarly priced PBT set, as have never tried them, but these are good quality ABS and far better than the original keys. Only had them on a few days so far. As others have said, they are not black but are a nice retro off-black, and are a couple of mm taller than the originals.
  David  09/05/2019
I have been searching high and low for a decent set of sculpted keyboard keys that have that retro look and feel to them. This keycap set, is it. I have replaced the keycaps that came with my recent Filco Majestouch 2 Convertible keyboard I bought a while back and they are the perfect companion, in my opinion.

They are slightly raised in height compared to the original keys that come with the keyboard originally but that is fine by me. I actually feel I bottom out with less ferocity with these keycaps.

They are in a brown colour, but I quite like that. Reminds me of the C64!.

Overall, highly recommended. Will now have to purchase another set for my work keyboard.
  Andrea  10/08/2018
Great keycaps. Sadly the set is not fully sculpted, but at least it's readily available and relativily cheap, so no complain there.
I also like the color scheme and the fact that the font used on these keycaps is the same one used on the original Cherry keycaps.
The Costar stabilizers came separately in a little bag insted of being glued on, which is also a plus.

The shipping and service has been great, fully satisfied with the purchase.

  Brian  23/02/2018
Finally, after many failed attempts, I have the keyboard and keycaps I was hoping for. These lovely, slightly retro keycaps feel great, have a really clear font and go very nicely on my Filco Majestouch 2 TKL.
  fern  12/08/2017
These keycaps are vary dark brown and cream, lovely retro colour scheme. They feel pretty solid and have a great sound. The stabilizer mounts were not glued which gives you the flexibility of choosing costar or cherry, I prefer costar anyway so I wouldn't have been fussed.

Prompt delivery as always
  Anonymous  10/01/2021
A bit disappointed with the double shot keycaps. After a few weeks of use, had to remove them and replace with the originals. Personally, I didn't like the following:

1) Cherry MX switches have too much travel for my liking, so I tend to compensate that with blue o-rings, which decrease the distance keycaps have to travel. However for some strange reason Filco double shot keycaps have smooth stems all the way to the end. This means the o-rings are useless and keycaps always bottom out, as the o-rings simply slide all the way to the top.
2) These keycaps sit much higher than the originals and I found them somewhat uncomfortable. They also seem to wobble more than the originals.
3) The plastic that keycaps are made from, seems to be quite brittle. When I removed the keycaps, quite a few of them had cracked stems. No such issues with the original keycaps.

I think Filco need to go back to the drawing board with these keycaps.
  KeebNerd  24/08/2019
A nice SA set which will fit many other boards in addition to Filco - the stabs come in a separate bag. The caps are between 1.3-1.4 mm thick at the bottom edge and 2.6mm where the doubleshot starts, so they are quite substantial. Legends are nice and uniform. I can highly recommend these!
  Richard  21/04/2019
Fantastic keycaps. Amazing sound. Amazing Quality. But only seem to fit FILCO boards. I am a massive IBM M fan but this FILCO set up could possibly be even better.

AAA rated.
  Outtheredude  05/11/2018
Very nice, retro styled tall spherical keycaps in delicious looking dark brown with light cream coloured legends, which also makes my Filco majectouch 2 UK ISO full size with Cherry MX blacks sound and feel so good, just like those old school linear keyboards of the 1980s from my childhood and adolescence, such as that of the BBC Micro Model B or the original Apple M0110A extended keyboard.
  Anonymous  23/06/2018
Solid, double shot keycaps. You would say the keycaps are black but when putting it next to another black object (for example your generic keyboard case) you will notice they are actually very dark smooth brown colour with creamy white lettering. They theyre beautiful in my opinion.

Fast delivery, comes in airtight packaging with additional stabilizer hooks for the larger keys.

SA profile looks and feels much better than the OEM profile - but this entirely personal preference. However the quality of these double shot ABS keys are objectively superior to the cheap keycaps the Filco keyboard comes with.
  Anonymous  31/01/2017
Great Keycaps - would like to see them sell more variety SA keycaps in various colours and profile.


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