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CHERRY MX2A RGB Silent Red Linear Plate Mount Lubed Switch Set 110


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The new generation of gold standard keyboard switches

The CHERRY MX2A RGB 'Silent Red' linear key switch, '3 pin' designed to fit plate mount keyboards and optimised for use with SMD LEDs, single colour or RGB (LED not included, can be used in a non-backlit keyboard) pre-lubed.

The set includes aproximately 110 switches.

£60.00 (£50.00 ex VAT)

CHERRY MX2A RGB Silent Red Linear Plate Mount Lubed Switch Set 110 - MX2A-71NAx110

Original CHERRY MX is the world's leading precision technology for mechanical key switches. The CHERRY Gold Crosspoint contact concept and the unprecedented production quality "Made in Germany" are unique. The MX2A series introduces a new level typing experience, setting a new standard for mechanical key switches.

Key benefits

  • Engineered and Made in Germany
  • CHERRY MX2A Silent Red switch: Linear actuation without pressure point and reduced typing sound.
  • Industry-leading CHERRY Gold Crosspoint technology
  • Factory-applied, premium-grade lubricant
  • Noise-reducing barrel spring design
  • Unique, spring-centering stem
  • Diamond polished stem and spring guidance
  • Glide-optimized stem guidance ribs
  • Short bounce time for high switching frequency(such as for fast typing)
  • Self-cleaning contacts
  • Switch resistant to dust and dirt
  • Over 100 million keystrokes with no loss of quality guaranteed


  • Switch Type: MX Mechanical Switch
  • Mechanical Fastening: Snap fastening in frame(3 Pin)
  • Connection type: Soldered or hot-swappable
  • Protection class: IP40
  • Operation characteristics: Linear, silent
  • Switching voltage: 5V
  • Durability: > 100 million actuations
  • Contact configuration: Single-pole contact
  • Actuator travel: 3.7mm
  • Pretravel: 1.9mm
  • Initial force: 30cN
  • Actuation force: 45cN
  • Bounce time: typ. <1ms
  • Lighting: SMD LED can be mounted directly on the PCB (not included in the module), opening for SMD LED in the base
  • Spring: Stainless steel
  • Contacts: High-quality gold alloy

CHERRY MX2A RGB Silent Red Linear Plate Mount Lubed Switch Set 110 - MX2A-71NAx110

Part Number
Without fixing pins
Number of keys/buttons
110 apx.
Switch Type
16 mm
16 mm
19 mm
180 g
Plate mount '3 pin' keyboards
Gross Weight
190 g

CHERRY MX2A RGB Silent Red Linear Plate Mount Lubed Switch Set 110 - MX2A-71NAx110

  Simon  06/03/2024
The Cherry MX2A Silent Reds are such an improvement over the originals! The Originals I found to be a little too scratchy and the bottom out felt really mushy. With this new revision you get factory lube which gives the switches a very nice smooth feel, I can't say how long this will last as I have only been using them for a few weeks but long term I'm sure these will just getting better with break in.

I find the bottom out a lot more satisfying as well, it might be the new spring but I don't find the bottom out to be mushy, these switches feel amazing and the dampening silent them enough for calls without effecting the feel as much.

If you want a silent switch, you can't go wrong with these!

I will say though, a few of the switches came with bent pins, these are easy to bend back but a plastic container would have been nicer (but probably increase cost) , I use a 60% so I have enough switches left in the 110 pack that these should last a good few years!

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